My Christmas Wishlist

With 2020 being such a tough year, I wasn’t going to do this.

But my personal Santa Claus asked me to make a wish list as to what I would like for Christmas. He must have found it pretty useful in previous years!

Nevertheless, I will humour him and share what I wouldn’t mind finding under the Christmas tree on the 25th of December!

My Christmas Wishlist

So seeing that he’s asked … I’ve put together a list of things I have my eye on.. and I’m not fussy… he can get any of these items or a combination of them.. I’m really easy to please 🙂

Here’s what I got my eye on …. it’s basically all of the things I’ve been wanting but can’t really justify buying for myself. Do you get me?

  1. Textured Crop Blazer from Zara.
christmas wishlist

2. JBL portable pink speaker from Loot.

christmas wishlist

3. Country Road Carafe set from Woolworths

christmas wishlist

4. Luckily evil eye earings from Swarovski

christmas wishlist

5. Ivy park belt bag from Adidas

6. Velvet office chair from homeware store

7. Mickey and Minnie Xmas charm from Pandora

christmas wishlist

8. Letter necklace from Kirsten Goss (H letter of course)

Hope you find the letter useful Santa x



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