Our Little Kitchen Nook

kitchen nook

I love a reading up on home decor and discovering new trends and DIY tips. I especially enjoy seeing how little changes and updates make a huge difference to a space and how it can literally make an impact in your life.

A little corner in our kitchen became such a waste of space up until recently. Kurt began working from the little table when lockdown first started and I started storing some of my candle making supplies in containers under the table. It literally became an eye-sore!

I decided it was time for that to change.

Our Little Kitchen Nook

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I really wanted to create a neat and inviting space for us to sit down together as a family and have a meal together. I also had this vision of us cooking dinner together while the kids sit and do their homework.

kitchen nook

Once Kurt and I moved into our office space, a lot of the clutter was cleared from the space, but what was I to do with all my candle making supplies? I looked to pinterest for some inspiration and I found that some of the kitchen nooks had a built in storage space which would work out perfectly for my supplies!

So I roped my Dad into this plan and that’s how the design came about. You can take a closer look at the storage space in this video.

We still have the same little table and Kurt moved the lighting feature to align with the centre of the table, so we were able to really upgrade the space using what we had.

The For Like Ever poster was initially meant for my home office but I just had a good feeling about being here. The other poster is in fact a tea towel which I had framed. You can see it here:

A Sunny Space To Connect

What I love about this corner, is that even on the cloudiest of days, is that there’s always a little ray of sunshine that shines through in the later afternoons. This is usually the time that we start cooking and homework is being done, so it feels extra special.

kitchen nook

I am really loving this little corner in our home?

What little space in your home are you enjoying right now?



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  1. Candice Sandler June 2, 2021

    I absolutely love the breakfast nook, I seriously want one hahah



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