8 Benefits Of Crafting With Your Kids {WIN}

If you’ve been following our blog for a while then you’d know we love to get crafty! Lockdown has also given us a lot more time to tackle a number of projects.

From developing fine motor skills to supporting self-esteem, getting crafty has serious perks for children so I’m all for it.

PNA stationers recently shared some great points as to the benefits of crafting which I am sharing below. PNA have also come up with various crafts for kids to do at home with their parents/carers, and to make it easy a quick scan of the QR Code attached to the activity will pull up the shopping list/requirements for the projects. It couldn’t be easier! 

8 Benefits Of Crafting With Your Kids

Some parents are skilled crafters. Others do well to cut paper in a reasonably straight line. No matter which group you fall into, crafting with your kids is a great way to bring the family together and children of all ages develop valuable life skills along the way. 

Here are some of the good things that come out of crafting with your kids:

1. Crafting builds creativity.

Crafting provides the opportunity for kids to use their imaginations. It helps them learn to solve problems, and it could lay the groundwork for a lifetime of interest in art. 

Creative thinkers are more intellectually nimble in a world constantly changing. In fact, about 60 percent of CEOs polled in the 2010 IBM Global CEO study cited creativity as the most important leadership quality.

2. Crafting encourages reading. 

Reading instructions is still reading! This also indirectly teaches kids how to follow them, a valuable life skill for everyday life. 

3. Crafting helps fine motor development

Painting, cutting, sticking, tearing, and beading all help strengthen fine motor muscles that will later help preschoolers button their shirts, tie their shoes, write, and more. 

4. It develops resilience and teaches patience

In a world of instant gratification, crafting teaches kids that not all things in life happen instantly and sometimes you have to do things over to get the results you want. When kids craft, they may need to wait for things to dry or set before moving on to the next step — or understand that a craft project may take more than one session to complete.  A big part of the crafting process helps kids understand that it’s okay to make a mistake and restart. 

crafting with your children

5. Crafting boosts self-esteem

Kids who craft feel a great sense of accomplishment when a project is complete. It promotes the “I did that!” effect and can help build positive self-esteem.

6. Crafting gives parents and children bonding time

Crafting as a family or one-on-one provides opportunities for us to interact with our children. It is also a valuable learning experience for them. Don’t worry if you aren’t the world’s greatest crafter. Your willingness to try anyway is a lesson to your kids in itself. It also encourages conversation. When you’re crafting together, talking comes naturally. You can seize the opportunity to discuss such things as your child’s interests, his concerns, and how he’s doing in school.

7. Crafting encourages critical thinking.

The process of creating something naturally gets kids thinking about the final product, and the steps they need to take to get there. 

8. Crafting is a great way to cope with lockdown

During lockdown, if you find your child getting agitated or exhibiting an overabundance of energy, try bringing out the craft supplies. Crafting engages kids’ minds, giving them something to focus on and a good reason to sit still for a while.

crafting with your children

There is no question, arts and crafts are great for children. There is no negative to crafting, and its benefits extend to all spheres of life and make the kids better equipped to face the challenges life throws at them.

PNA stationers have made it simple for you by creating fun CRAFT WITH PNA activities with shopping lists. To get started, click here.

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Happy Crafting!



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