Magformers – The Magnetic Building Toy Your Kids Will Absolutely Love!


Have you or your kids heard of Magformers?  Well – we have had the chance to check them out and we are obsessed! Alyssa and Aidan cannot get enough of them.

If you are unfamiliar with Magformers – they are basically colourful, sturdy, plastic shapes that you can build so many different things with.

Suitable for kids of all ages (from three years up) and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – squares, triangles, pentagons and more.

But the best part is that they are magnetic!

Magnetic Magformers

Magformers snap together which allows children to build so many different structures with them.

They are durable, educational yet fun at the same time. The quality is superb and due to its ability to stick – building possibilities are endless!

I had to test out the strength of the magnets for myself and was quite impressed! It’s really cool to see the way the shapes snap and click together and I can see how happy the kids are when they see one of their creations take form.

STEM Authenticated

Magformers are perfect for little hands so it’s no surprise that they are rated a top STEM Toy And Teaching Aid By STEM.Org! Magformers are super easy for little hands to use as they snap together so well. By simply holding two shapes close together, they connect instantly the moment they touch.I love the educational element to Magformers! Playing with the not only encourages critical thinking and reasoning, it also gets kids to think “mathematically” while exploring their creative side at the same time..


The kids enjoy discovering what they can make by putting different combinations of shapes together. The packs come with step by step instructions to build some incredible creations. So far, we’ve created some really cool 3-dimentional structures including a soccer ball, motor car and a cute puppy!

Magformers Are Suitable For All Kids!

The beauty about Magformers is that it is suitable for kids of all ages – from toddlers (3+) right up to teenagers – the creative possibilities are endless when building with the Magformers.

I love toys like this as it gives kids the opportunity to really use their imagination….


With Christmas coming up, I think it should be top of Santa’s list as it ticks all our boxes! Check out the Magformers website to view the full range. You will find the range at all leading toy retailers.

We are so impressed with Magformers that we’ve arranged a massive giveaway for Hayley’s Joys followers – stay tuned to my social media pages to enter as soon as the giveaway goes live!



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