Our Living Room DIY Built- in Reveal

DIY Built-in

For years, I dreamt of having built-in shelving in our living room… but my husband was hard to convince! It is a shared living space where we spend most of our time, so naturally I needed his buy-in and the kids of course.

Fast forward to 2021, you may recall we had some help from an interior designer with our home office. When chatting to her about our home in general, she mentioned how amazing a built-in unit would look in our living room – and right there and then, I could see Kurt was finally convinced 🙂

So a few months later, we started planning and designing the built-in of my dreams!

Our Living Room DIY Built- in Reveal

There’s no-one else I would trust with the job other than my Dad, of-course. If I think back about the last few months working on this – I’m still not sure who enjoyed it all coming together more. Me, my Dad or Kurt! I had a lot of different ideas but my Dad is so good at seeing what may not work in the space so it really helped narrowing things down.

It was really fun deciding on the structure, the paint colour and last but certainly not least – the styling.

I literally tested about 20 different paint colours but so glad with the colour. But that was probably the most work I done on this. All credit to my Dad and Kurt for doing the hard labour on every single aspect of this. I was called the Supervisor of the project 🙂

Styling The DIY Built-In Shelving

DIY built-in

Once the built-in was all secured and painted, that’s when I could take over and add some flare to it.

At first I thought I would go with a totally neutral vibe, but to be honest that’s just not “Me” nor my family. We have soooo many books and things collected over the years from travels etc. so I wanted to incorporate that.

Although I went with colour, I don’t want it to feel cluttered, so I’ve left a few open shelves and also kept things rather spacious.

My rainbow book shelf makes me so happy!

built-in unit DIY

And of-course, there has to be some daschund love!

DIY built-in

Festive Styling?

So with the countdown to Christmas well under way, I am literally itching to add some festive flare to the shelving. But for now, this is what I’m looking at.

And yes – I am watching Dynasty 🙂



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