Hasbro’s Great Gifts 2021 – Alyssa Reviews furReal Glamalots

furReal Glamalots

The countdown to Christmas day has officially begun!

With less than 4 weeks to get your Christmas shopping done, you’re probably looking for that perfect gift for your little one.

To make things easier for parents, Hasbro recently released its Great Gifts 2021 selection with a wide variety of choices including fun stocking fillers!

One of the gifts featured on the list is the furReal Glamalots which is something the little girls will love!

Alyssa Reviews furReal Glamalots

furReal Glamalots

Alyssa recently got the opportunity to review a furReal Glamalot and she couldn’t be happier.

I mean, what’s more fun than walking a pet? Especially if you’re walking a pet that you’ve groomed and styled yourself!

With the furReal Glamalots, you can give this doggie diva a sweet new ‘do with the included styling accessories. Alyssa loves the fact that you can use those accessories on her hair too!

furReal Glamalots

It’s such a cutie! If you attach her leash, you can take the diva on a walk. But the best part – she’ll make lots of happy sounds as you stroll along!

We are dog loving family and have two dogs at home who are both males so Alyssa is especially happy that she now has her own little diva!


Hasbro Great Gifts 2021 – Find the perfect gift for your child!

Finding the perfect gift for you child can be challenging, with many parents acknowledging that they often struggle to know what to buy. Understanding the science behind the many forms of play will help you choose toys that are the most compatible with your child’s play personality.

To help parents make the best gift decisions this festive season Hasbro developed a  Play Personality Quiz that identifies 8 different play personalities. Identify if your child is a mischievous Jokester or more of a creative Imagineer, a curious Discoverer or an active Energizer and find the ideal toys for Love At First Play.    

Visit https://sa.loveatfirstplay.com/ to take the quiz and find out more on each play personality.


We think the furReal Glamalots will make the perfect gift this Christmas!



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