Favourite Kid Movies For Family Movie Night

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Saturday nights have over time become our favourite evening for family quality time. It’s largely because we allow the kids to stay up a bit later than their usual 7pm bedtime! It’s also almost become a “tradition” for us to choose a family friendly movie to watch together.

It’s actually the perfect Winter weekend activity and it really helps us all unwind after the busy work and school weeks.

With the launch of Disney Plus in South Africa a few months ago, I found so many of the movies that I grew up with and loved to bits and I am absolutely enjoying sharing these with the kids!

Our Favourite Kid Movies For Family Movie Night

The very first Disney movie I searched for when we subscribed was Enchanted! I absolutely love the mix of fairy tale and reality & it’s a movie I can watch over and over!

The kids love it as much as I do, especially the song “True Love’s Kiss”

We will definitely be watching this one again soon!

Another firm favourite was the Lizzy MacGuire movie – I love anything that Hilary Duff touches!

Anyway, we will probably have a story to share about each movie we watched together! (I will explain more below) But here’s the list of family friendly movies we have watched on Disney Plus so far.

Favourite Kid Movies

Movie night has laughter ( and sometimes tears)

It’s amazing how the kids react to the highs and lows in each movie. This is exactly why I am a firm believer in adhering to the age ratings of the movies.

Aidan is super sensitive and extremely empathetic, so anything with someone being ill or a pet dying etc. we have to really talk him through it. Even the happy moments – it brings him so much joy!

Alyssa on the other hand loves the humour and catches every single joke 🙂

Anyway, it’s time for us to find our next movie!

Hope you find our list helpful.




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