A look at the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G

Samsung recently sent over the new Samsung Galaxy A34 5G to test out and whilst I was super excited to do so, Alyssa seemed to take over the task!

Technology already plays a big role in her life, as her Grade 4 text books and learning material are all electronic – its actually quite amazing to see how she has adapted!

So perhaps she was the right person for the job….

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Review

Firstly let’s take a quick look at the phone and what comes along with it. I shared this little unboxing on my social media recently:


As you can see in the video , the phone doesn’t come with much. There is just a USB-C to USB-C cable and a tool to remove the SIM tray.

We love the awesome lime colour of this device, but it also comes in a graphite shade. It has a good look and feel, with a large screen and the camera takes pretty good pictures too – especially outdoors and in bright light. We tested out the camera at night as well and the pictures turned out great too!

Samsung Galaxy A34 5g review

Great Pricing Point & Amazing Battery Life

There are two key features which I think makes this an excellent choice – the pricing point as well as the excellent battery life.

Although I found it takes quite a while to fully charge up the battery, once it’s charged you can get through a full day without needing to recharge. This also depends on which apps you use – some apps can really drain a battery, so we were conscious about this when testing out the battery life.

This device definitely is value for money, especially if you compare it to the flagship devices which substantially more pricey than the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G.

Samsung Galaxy

Our Verdict

We loved everything about this device and although it’s not the latest and top of the line in the Samsung range, it really looks and feels top class! I mean .. look at Alyssa 🙂

The large screen, the battery life and camera makes it a really great phone at a reasonable cost.

So, if you’re looking for a device which ticks all of these boxes, then add the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G to your list!



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