Thinking about…. Our first home

I was recently inspired by Compass (a New York City real estate platform offering personal service for finding a perfect starter home) to share a little about our first home for an international blog series they are doing. Very excited about this prospect, I immediately started looking for pictures of our very first home but then soon remembered that I lost most of them when my old PC crashed 🙁 I did however find a few which actually brought back so many awesome memories.

My then boyfriend , now husband (Kurt) and I bought our first place together in 2006. We knew we were going to get married in the next few years but thought we would get a head-start in the property market first. In 2006, pre-recession, gaining access to finance for first time buyers was as easy as pie. We got a 120% mortgage bond which meant we didn’t need a deposit or any funds up-front to pay for any legal costs. It was a 2 bedroom house with a very small garden, nothing fancy at all, but we were proud of our home and the fact that we were home-owners. When we first moved in, the front of the house was basically just dying grass. We nurtured it, planted some trees and flowers and that’s when I realized that gardening was actually something I enjoyed. We had so many braai’s in that garden as it had just the perfect amount of sun and shade to just chill and relax.


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