**WIN** Dinosaurs of DinosAlive Are Coming To Cape Town – Competition Closed


Are your kids big Dinosaur Fans like Alyssa is? Then this one is for you…

The DinosAlive exhibition, an interactive showcase of the reptiles of prehistoric ages, is due to set up camp in Cape Town and will be situated at Cape Gate Shopping Centre from 18 November – 08 January.

All of the 25 animatronic (allowed to animate) dinosaurs on display are modelled in immaculate detail after their ancestors to give visitors a true taste of the time when these magnificent lizards roamed the earth. The gentle giant, Triceratops, cinema celebrity, Velociraptor and South African Pachycephalosaurus are only some of the popular attractions on display. The life-sized T-Rex model (the only one of its kind in South Africa) is a staggering 7-metres tall and is truly a spectacle to behold.

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