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Yep! Baby number 2 is on the way …. Due on my birthday next year….. Our second bundle of Joy is on his or her way.

Can you imagine pushing and screaming on my  birthday…. Hopefully it will be a few days sooner or later but its totes out of my control…

I am just over 14 weeks along and thus far my pregnancy has been nothing like the first. My first pregnancy was relatively easy … not a hint of morning sickness… but I think baby number 2 has made up for that. From week 7 up until week 12 I was extremely nauseous, lethargic and according to my hubby, extremely moody!

I am however feeling so much better now as I’ve entered the second trimester 🙂

Alyssa is really excited and even had the chance to see the baby on the ultrasound at our Doctor’s visit last week. She even pointed out the hands, feet and face…. it must be a gift she has because half the time I have no idea what is appearing on that screen.

So there you have it!

I am very excited to share my pregnancy journey with you guys, and hope to do regular updates, including some maternity fashion pictures and other fun things that come up!

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  1. Painting In Pink October 20, 2014

    Oh my gosh how exciting!! I’m so happy for you and your little family and I’m sure Alyssa is going to be THE BEST big sister ever!!!!

    All of the best hun, such exciting times!

  2. nicole October 20, 2014

    soooooo excited for my friends and Alyssa 🙂 Here’s to a wonderful journey ahead xoxox

  3. hayleysjoys October 20, 2014

    Thanks Tammy! Exciting times indeed 🙂

  4. Zayaan October 20, 2014

    Oh yay! Congratulations hun!!

  5. Salomé October 20, 2014

    Great news! I really hope my 2nd pregnancy (one day in the future as I’m not pregnant now) is nothing like the first. The morning sickness and heartburn just about killed me. Enjoy though, I wonder if it’s going to be a boy or girl

    • hayleysjoys October 20, 2014

      Thanks Salome. Each pregnancy is different so i really hope you dont suffer the next time round. The morning sickness just sucks! We excited to find out whether its a boy a girl, which will be at our next visit 🙂

  6. SpiritDee October 20, 2014

    Congratulations Hayley……enjoy the journey. Looking forward to baby progress posts.

  7. Cindy October 21, 2014

    YAY!!! That’s awesome – congrats! BTW, I pushed out a baby on my birthday and it wasn’t so bad – I’d almost even recommend it – best present ever!


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