South West? The joys (and not so nice stuff) of Pregnancy

I’m a bit shy to admit… But I’m actually a Kim Kardashian fan. She is probably my style icon and nobody can deny the fact that she’s got a really great fashion sense.

I was so happy to hear that she and Kanye are expecting their second child as they’ve been trying for a really long time.

With their first daughter’s name being North West, the logical question on everyone’s lips was “will they name him South?” Well she’s already confirmed that they will definitely NOT be naming him South but it really makes me wonder what name could top North?

Well anyway… In a recent article I read that she’s already picked up 15 pounds and for the Kim Kardashian fans out there, you’ll know that she absolutely hated her first pregnancy! Kim said it felt like an out of body experience and that it was a really miserable time in her life. It made me think of my 2 pregnancies and how lucky I am/was that they were generally very easy and I thought it would be great to actually write down what I loved and hated about my experiences. We tend to forget these things so quickly and in all likelihood I will never be pregnant again. One day when Alyssa or Aidan asks me how it felt to be pregnant, it will just be a distant memory.

So here it is:


  • Feeling baby kick
  • Watching my bump grow
  • Dressing my bump
  • Doctor visits – hearing that heartbeats for the first time and finding out the sex was so exciting.
  • Hubby doting on me ( this only happened during my first pregnancy really lol)
  • Eating as much as I could
  • The build up (as Kim K is experiencing now – choosing names, shopping for baby stuff and the baby shower)
  • Giving birth – although very painful, it was probably the most memorable days in my life


  • No coffee
  • No sushi and runny eggs
  • Heartburn and indigestion
  • Tossing and turning at night

Although I was really lucky in that I never gained a lot of weight, had minimal morning sickness and no swelling – I really don’t miss it BUT it definitely was wonderful, blessed experiences.

What parts of pregnancy did you hate and love? I would love to hear.



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  1. Heather June 29, 2015

    I’m a Kardashian fan too!


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