How Do You Feel When Your Child Gets Hurt?


Got A Ouchie Mama..

The other day we were out for lunch and as we were leaving, Aidan had a bit of a fall outside of the restaurant. He bumped his head and scraped it open. I saw blood. I felt like fainting.

He and Kurt were walking ahead of me and Alyssa, so we could almost watch it unfold.

It was clearly an accident but for some reason, I felt angry.

Nevermind the child who’s bleeding and crying, I was so just so furious that it happened.

I was mad at myself for not preventing it. I was upset with Kurt for not preventing it.

I felt angry at the restaurant for not having supervision.

I felt I needed someone to blame, even though it was just an accident.

So why did I feel that way?

As I read the numerous stories of kids drowning in their homes over the holiday season, I feel their Parents pain. I couldn’t imagine the utter torment and hardship they must be going through right now. It really got to me.

Then I read comments on those articles, saying…

“Where were the parents?” 

“Children need constant supervision. Those parents should be put behind bars.”

I’m sure the circumstances in every case differs but accidents do happen AND they happen in the blink of an eye!

Luckily for us, Aidan just had a minor cut and bruise and is doing fine but I got the taste of just how quickly accidents can happen and how helpless you as a parent can feel.

I can also totally understand how the blame game could have an effect on those parents who lost their children. It’s human nature to find a reason, to make someone accountable in order to find reasoning behind what happened. Sometimes that blaming won’t even be rational.

Those wounds will take years and years to heal….

As much as we would like to protect our children with cotton wool, it’s just not possible 100% of the time.

I literally feel like getting Aidan a helmet to wear 24/7 and to paste FRAGILE stickers on his t-shirt! He is just so busy and has no fear, it scares me so much.

How do you feel and overcome your emotions when your kid gets hurt? I would really love to hear…



  1. spiritedmama1 January 4, 2017

    I feel you…My kiddo had a nasty fall at home a few years back. We were watching him play when it happened. He needed stitches…I totally blamed my husband, not that he could have prevented it but anyway. These things happen. My son is super busy. Always has been. I’m freaking out a bit as we anticipate the arrival of the new baby boy, 5 weeks to go… I am the paranoid mom who wants to wrap her kids in a bubble to protect them. But these events reminds me that my kid(s) are way more resilient than I give credit. I need to let them learn on their own terms…and just be there for all the scrapes and bruises and heaven forbid stitches. Strongs

    • Hayley January 4, 2017

      Boys are really something else! You’re right, we can only be there for them, they need to be independent in order to learn. Wish they could just stay little Babies for longer 😉

  2. Kim Muller January 4, 2017

    Sheesh! Ethan had a split lip, bumped up forehead and was full of scrapes and bruises (all in 1 day). As a mom, it’s hard because you don’t want them to hurt and you just want to protect them all the time. But I figured, my boys don’t need me to helicopter parent them, they just need me. So I’ll be when the time comes (which is mostly daily lol) and pray that nothing major happens to them.

    • Hayley January 4, 2017

      Gosh, that’s hectic Kim! But I suppose it’s all part of being a Mom 🙁


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