Aidan Turns 2

Aidan Cole Malan is Two-Years-Old today!

Hip, Hip, Hooray” – Those are the words he’s been animatedly shouting around the house this week and even singing Happy Birthday to himself.

This has probably been the fastest two years of my life & it fills my heart with joy watching this little man fearlessly loving life!

For the first year of his life, Aidan was a genuine Mommy’s boy and didn’t care for much else. However, from the day he turned 1, it’s as if he made a decision to explore what else the world has to offer besides Mommy dearest. Just like that, he decided Breastfeeding was for babies and he weaned himself off within days of his first birthday. He transitioned from crawling to walking practically overnight and from that moment, everything changed.

From being a calm and shy little guy, he has become a true explorer without any fear – not even turning back once to look if Mom is behind him. In fact, he became a complete Daddy’s boy at one stage and only wanted to be near Daddy. Everyone else had to “Go away”. Currently, he’s a “big boy” in his own words and doesn’t need anybody to help him with anything for that matter. He’s always on a mission and never stops moving!

Aidan is such a happy child. He wakes up happy and excited for the day that lies ahead – much to the dismay of his sleep-loving sister! Moments after he opens his eyes, he asks “Where’s Lyssa?”

He is such a sponge and absorbs everything we say, especially what Big Sis has to say. He literally copies her every move and even ballets with her while watching Frozen. It’s so cute! He also thinks that Alyssa’s best friend is his best friend, while Alyssa want’s to hear nothing of it!

He’s vocabulary is quite impressive and he’ll hold quite a lengthy conversation with you if he’s in the mood. He has a great memory – If you’re looking for your slippers, he’ll know where to find it and if he meets someone new who he takes a liking to, he will keep asking about you!

Aidan’s favorite things right now:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Cars
  • Fire Engines
  • Ghetti -bo – naise (Spaghetti bolognese)
  • Spiderman
  • Picking Granadillas off the tree in the garden
  • Playing for hours in the sandpit
  • Batman
  • Talking to Ma and Pa on the phone
  • Singing nursery rhymes
  • Climbing on top of Alyssa’s bunk bed

My wish for Aidan this year is to remain the happy and inquisitive little adventurer that he is! As much as he is growing up, I want him to remain small or willing enough for me to hug, kiss and squeeze him whenever I want. He gives the sweetest hugs and will randomly come up to me and ask for one. Please continue to do that!

We hope you enjoy your presents and your party on Sunday and that you have lots of fun with friends and family.

Mom, Dad and Alyssa loves you so much.



  1. Kim Muller March 31, 2017

    Awww such a great little tribute to your little man. Happy birthday dearest Aidan!!! Hope you get spoilt rotten and that your big sis Alyssa is nice to you the WHOLE day!

    • Hayley March 31, 2017

      Thank you Kim 😉


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