Fathers Day Gift Ideas

While I’ve been dropping hints at a certain someone for my birthdays and special days, the very person I aim them at is getting pretty good at dropping hints of his own lately!

While he may not be my Father, I of course need to arrange something for him on behalf of the kids.

I thought I’d share some of the hints along with a few of my own picks, which could perhaps help anyone still trying to get their Fathers Day gifts sorted:

Training Gear From Adidas Originals and Superbalist











Kurt is really into his workouts at the moment. So to keep the momentum going, he’d probably be thrilled with some new kicks or some hoodies, now that the cooler weather is here.

Matchy Matchy With Woolworths








If you haven’t noticed, my family and I like matching  every now and again – and so what better way, than with matching Daddy and son PJ tops from Woolworths? (I’ve already bagged this one… shhh)

Novelty gifts and wrapping from Typo

We sort of have a tradition that with every Mothers and Fathers Day, we get a new mug. Typo makes this tradition so exciting every year! The wrapping also gets us 100% for effort.








K Way Fresco Jacket from Cape Union Mart

Now this hint was a bit of a shocker, as it’s kind of out of my price range but its such an awesome gift and will last for many years.

Arm Candy From Casio

My man loves arm candy just as much as I do and he’s been hinting about this G-shock watch for a VERY long time. Who knows… Alyssa and Aidan’s piggy bank may be full enough to fund it.

Happy Shopping!





  1. Simone Cameron June 13, 2017


  2. Enricoh Alfonzo June 13, 2017

    hahah those shirts are oulik. I love the watch the most though


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