Tips To Keep The Kids Entertained During LoadShedding

Kids entertained loadshedding

Keeping the kids entertained during LoadShedding is no easy task, especially if you’re not prepared. Loadshedding is here and it looks like it’s going to go on for a while. We can scream, shout, stand on our heads but that’s not going to help us in any way!

It’s not perfect circumstances so all we can do is prepare, especially when you have the tall task of not only explaining to your kids what’s going on but also keeping them happy and entertained when the power is out… especially in the evenings. During the day it’s a lot simpler to just take them outside and play, but in the evening and when it starts to get colder, indoors it will be!

I thought I’d share a few tips that help us get through the times when the lights go out and the TV doesn’t switch on!

Keeping The Kids Entertained During LoadShedding

Plan Ahead

I find that it’s so much harder to cope with the power off when it’s unexpected or if we haven’t planned for it. The colourful Eskom schedule is just information overload for me.  So, I’ve downloaded the EskomSePush App recently and it helps me stay up to date with the Stage we are in and alerts me as to when the power will be going off in our zone. If I have a heads up, I can plan how and what we can have for dinner.. I can also make sure things are prepared the night before should it be off in the morning when we wake up.

By having the heads up, I can also let the kids know that the power will be going off soon and share what we have planned for this time!

Crafts On Hand

Alyssa received a number of crafts as birthday gifts. We also recently received a gift from Playdoh with daily activities for the school holidays. These have honestly been a lifesaver for the power outages. We’ve sort of made it a habit that whenever the power goes off, we grab a craft. The kids are actually excited to do them!

LED globes with a rechargeable battery

kids entertained loadshedding

My Parents gave the kids a little LED lamp of their own, like this one, which they keep next to their beds.  It’s compact and easy to switch on and off. They can carry it around with them and we can even use it if we want to read a book in the dark!

Super cute, yet effective!


This is something we haven’t done just yet, but I could imagine that it would probably work well especially with the older kids. A game of monopoly or pictionary by candelight really sounds like fun! Perhaps even invite another family over and make it extra fun.

Card games can also be fun!

This is on my list of things to do!

Have A Picnic

My kids are all about picnics. They don’t care if it’s indoors or outdoors, they are all for it. For those evenings where loadshedding takes place over dinner time and you opt for a take-away dinner, make a picnic of it. Set up your picnic blanket in your living room , use paper plates and cups (save the wash up) and enjoy your meal together.

Enjoy the Time

Every cloud has a silver lining ….

And it’s clear that South Africans are not impressed with this new way of life. It’s bad for business , it’s unfair to citizens and so much is wrong with it BUT

We can’t deny that this almost forced time to be present with our families, minus the electronics isn’t all bad…

What do you think?

I hope that you find the tips useful.

Do you have any other tips to add to this list?



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