That End Of The Year Feeling…

that year end feeling

Is it just me, or do you also find your mind wandering to holiday plans or Christmas preparations? I think that  year end feeling has hit me a lot sooner this year!

The work year has been something else and my body is starting to feel worse for wear. I don’t like to lose sight of my goals but my motivation is at an all time low, sadly.

I need to find a way to just get that mojo back again – just until the holidays at least!

Here are a couple of things I’m doing to stay motivated until my out-of-office goes on:

Re-evaluating My Goals

I’m doing a bit of reminiscing to see what I set out to achieve this year. Am I even still working towards achieving them? Or have these goals changed.

I don’t want to start planning for 2020 too early but I want to be certain that I’m “happy” with what I set out to do in 2019 before I get there.

It’s so easy to forget the goals set earlier in the year, especially as the year has been such a busy one.

I’m booking a couple of hours in my diary this week to just sit and refresh my memory on what my goals are and why I set them in the first place!that year end feeling

Make Healthier Choices

The last few weeks have been extremely stressful all round and I haven’t been on my A game when it comes to meal planning and exercise. This has actually been affecting my mood, my sleeping patterns as well as my overall energy levels.

The holidays are coming up and I don’t want to let it all go downhill until then. So over the next few weeks I want to make a conserted effort to put in the time!


The one thing keeping me going is the countdown to the holidays. I cannot wait to just spend some proper time with the kids, my family and friends.
So I’m going to keep all of these things in mind as I work through the last stretch.

I am generally a positive person, I don’t let things get to me that quickly.

So by being conscious about it, will certainly make me happier and more motivated.

Make Changes Where Changes Need To Be Made

Linked to the first thing – some of the goals I set earlier this year can be ticked or almost ticked can be very motivating. But there could have been a few things that  have made me change my strategy if  I need be to acheive them.

This means I may need to adapt my strategy to accomplish them.

So it’s kind of like setting some mini goals. This is likely to help me get my mind back on track with a renewed sense of motivation!

Are you also dealing with that year-end-feeling? How are you coping?



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