What it’s like to be overdue

pregnancy overdue So I’ve shared my last pregnancy journey on Hayley’s Joys from beginning to end but never had the opportunity to share my first pregnancy experience carrying Alyssa. Seeing that it’s  her birthday month, I thought I would share a little bit of her story into this world – specifically the part about her overstaying her welcome in my womb.

My 2 pregnancies itself were totally different in its entirety but the biggest difference between the two was that I carried Aidan for 37 weeks 3 days and Alyssa stayed put for 41 weeks 3 days. That’s a whole month longer!

That’s a whole month longer!

Her official due date was 30 January 2013 but she only arrived on the 10th of February.

I will never forget the day we walked into the doctor’s office – the 30th of Jan that is – we were so excited thinking … Ok it’s happening today or maybe the next but little did we know. When the Doctor done the scan, he said ” okay, everything’s looking good, there’s enough fluid, baby’s heart rate is good, your blood pressure is fine so there’s only one thing to do now… Wait”.

It was not the word we were wanting to hear on the 40-week pregnancy mark!

I had finished work on the 24th of January which would have given me a week to relax but little did I know that I would have a full 17 days with no baby!

Kurt had taken leave from the 1st of February, so he too was home unnecessarily for 10 days.

The days leading up to her late arrival were the longest days of my life. Everyone was telling us to go out and enjoy the last few days of being childless but all we wanted was for her to come or at least give us a sign that she was on her way. But Alyssa was just too comfortable

But Alyssa was just too comfortable…

We did, however, take long walks on the beach, I read a number of books, shopped for more unnecessary baby things and also went for a preggy massage.

It seriously felt like the longest pregnancy in history but just before midnight on Saturday the 9th of Feb I felt the first real contraction. Alyssa was just so comfortable inside my tummy that she took another 22 hours to actually show her face – and at 10.26pm Sunday 10 February 2013 we finally got to meet her.

pregnancy overdue

Her nails were so long when she was born and she was quite alert from day 1 and not as sleepy as most newborns. Her newborn photoshoot took an entire day as she kept waking up throughout unlike with Aidan’s shoot which only took about 2 hours as he practically slept the entire time.

Knowing what I know now, I would have certainly made more out of those days leading up to her birth but at the same time, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Were you overdue? What was your experience like? I would love to hear.



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