Stuff We’re Loving Right Now


I love trying out new things for my family and always find myself shopping around for products which are healthier, make life easier and sometimes just for the sake of trying new things. Change is as good as holiday – or so they say!

As a blogger, I also often get to try out new things for myself and my family and I love sharing my experiences and take on certain products.

I thought I’d start a new little series and share my views on our favorite stuff. Some sponsored, some not!

Here’s what we are loving right now:

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**WIN** Spur Launches New Kiddies Menu And You Could Win A R400 Spur Voucher – Competition Closed


Last year, I was one of the lucky people who got to collaborate with Spur and give some input into their proposed new Kids menu. After careful consideration, Spur has now launched the new Kids menu which has been revamped to offer kids an exciting new range of Better-for-you options to complement their old favourites. Yay!

I am so glad to hear that several of our group’s suggestions have been included, giving kids wholesome menu choices. As well as the fall-back burger and chips, kids can now also choose from the ‘Better for you’ page: grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, mielies, and mash for example.

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Spur Kids Better-For-You Menu


When parenting blogger Natasha of The Rabbit Haus conveyed her dissatisfaction about kiddies menus, including that of Spur steak ranches it gave Spur a wake-up call. For decades, Spur has been the favourite restaurant of South African families but it’s about time that they reworked their kiddies menu to give South African children “better-for-you” meal choices. In order to do so, Spur also felt that it is important to collaborate with parents, the media and the government in the development thereof – and I was one of the lucky ones who got to be part of the process via a Spur Better-For-You- Menu Taste Testing at the Spur Test Kitchen in Century City last week.

I was really excited to attend as Alyssa loves going to the Spur and it was really refreshing to hear that Spur is taking initiative and that they are looking out for the well being  and the health of our children.

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