A walk in the park


Spring has really come early this year! The weather was perfect this weekend and Alyssa was just lapping up the sunshine. We visited Green Point Park on Saturday morning and had so much fun.

Alyssa absolutely loves birds and there were so many flying and swimming about, she was just running around trying to catch them….. until I noticed something green, runny and shiny in her hair. Yep…. it was bird poo.

Wiping the bird poo off Alyssa's hair

Wiping the bird poo off Alyssa’s hair

Shame, she shortly recovered after that little mishap and I explained to her that it’s actually good luck 🙂


Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun



Happy Spring everyone!



Outfit details : Alyssa’s Jogger and T-shirt (Mr. Price)

My Jogger (Jet) and T-shirt (Mr.Price)



  1. Alison Sinclair September 1, 2014

    lovely pics 🙂

  2. laurakim September 2, 2014

    She is so adorable!!! Love the matching sneakers!

  3. Eleanor Douglas-Meyers September 3, 2014

    Adorable! you make me want a lil girl 🙂

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