Pregnancy Update – 36 weeks

The final countdown has begun! Just 25 more days to my EDD – very exciting and scary at the same time 🙂

What’s happening with #2?

#2 is currently the size of a swiss chard (which I couldn’t find at any store so I couldn’t take a pic…LOL)  and weighed 3.054kg’s at my doctors visit yesterday.  He has turned into a head-down position (YAY!) so a natural delivery will once again be possible. He is very active in my tummy ….. moving around and has hiccups at least once a day – Did you see my video on Instagram?!

What’s happening with my body?       

I’ve gained 12kg’s thus far, heartburn comes and goes & I look as if I’ve swallowed a beach ball!  I’ve been experiencing  Braxton Hicks  contractions more frequently now, which I also remember happening during the last few weeks of my first pregnancy. Overall I’m still feeling good and just taking each day as it comes.

Food Love

I’m eating whatever tickles my fancy really but my latest liquid craze is  Snapple – every single flavor. Nothing else can satisfy my thirst like it does 🙂



I bought a few items for my hospital bag ( I’ll share my checklist with you in a later post) so at least I am semi-prepared for any surprises! #2’s compactum is filling up with cute and cuddly clothing and Alyssa is having fun admiring all the small little growers.

The nursery is also coming together so nicely! Just a few more small touches and it will be ready. Alyssa is already making herself comfortable in the nursery, which I’m very happy about. I told her that Mommy will be changing and washing baby in the room and she needs to help me – she seems very keen! I also told her that I put a mat in the nursery for her to do puzzles while Mom feeds baby in the feeding chair so she’s already started doing that.

I still need to get a few essential toiletries, one or two blue blankets (I went into a total pink frenzy with Alyssa) and some hooded towels.

What I’m looking forward to

Meeting #2, a glass of wine, sushi, a soft runny egg…. mmm 🙂








  1. Zayaan March 24, 2015

    Lol – All I wanted was a soft runny egg through my whole pregnancy. That’s the first thing I wanted! Good luck for this last stretch!

  2. catjuggles March 25, 2015

    Good luck for the last bit – and he is a great size for 36 weeks!

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