Why Are Prenatal Vitamins So Important?!


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I am so grateful to have had two healthy pregnancies. Before we even thought about starting a family, I knew that I wanted to have access to the best essential and nutritional options if I were to fall pregnant.

But what I wasn’t really aware of at the time, is that taking care of yourself prior to falling pregnant was just as important!

Luckily for me, I had a few friends who were pregnant before me and they educated me on the steps you need to take prior to planning for a family.

Probably the most important piece of advice I received was to take prenatal vitamins.

Not only are they important during pregnancy, but also before AND after, while breastfeeding.

Why Are Prenatal Vitamins So Important?!

 By taking a vitamin such as PregOmega you are basically securing your childs future. Most women enter pregnancy with suboptimal nutrition and may not get in their full vitamin D, folate, iron and magnesium needs.

These nutrients, vitamins and minerals are transferred from you to your baby and they will depend solely on you for this to grow and develop.

It’s been proven that the effects of poor maternal nutrition will affect both Mothers and baby for years to come.

Why PregOmega Plus?prenatal

Have you ever walked in a vitamin aisle at the supermarket? It can be extremely overwhelming looking at all the options available.

PregOmega Plus contains essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for each stage.

Before Pregnancy:

Folic Acid – which helps prevent neural tube defects.

During Pregnancy:

Vitamin D – which enhances immune function and brain development.

Vitamin B6 – This helps with morning sickness and depression associated with pregnancy.

Iron – reduces the risk of maternal anaemia

After Pregnancy:

Calcium – Important for fetal bone formation and bone density.

Omega 3: Critical for neural development and protects against allergies.

Where to find PregOmega Plus

The PregOmega Plus range is available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Independent pharmacies and selected retail stores.

You can visit www.pregomega.co.za for more information and you can also download their all-inclusive guide to help you through your pregnancy. From menstrual cycle to baby essentials and answers to many of your pregnancy questions and concerns.

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Good luck!

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy and beyond.




  1. Stacey April 4, 2019

    Just entered your comp what an amazing read posted on Instagram Facebook and subscribed

  2. Nikiwe dlamini April 9, 2019

    wow thank you for the informative blog post. I wasn’t aware of the fact that you need vitamins even before you actually fall pregnant.

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