Happy holidays

 Since becoming a Mom, this is the first year that the school holidays actually has an impact on my life – being Alyssa’s first year at toddler school. Her school has holiday care for the first and last week of the holidays but the week in between its closed. Alyssa enjoyed the first week at holiday care as they had so many fun activities – I even got my first macaroni necklace!

So this week she’s been at home and I had something planned for her each day to avoid any cabin fever. We watched Snow White at canal walk which she LOVED and is still talking about. The show was only 50 minutes long which I think is perfect for the short attention span of a 2 year old. I was so amazed that Alyssa actually followed the whole storyline and is still telling everyone about the man in the mirror.

We visited the play centre at the watershed at the v and a waterfront, which I think is really worth the 40 bucks. It’s not a really big area but there is enough activities for kids of all ages. Alyssa enjoyed the jumping castle and slide, riding motorbikes and climbing over the obstacle course. We spent about an hour and a half there and she was lights out by the time we drove off.

We also had a couple of lunch dates and today we’ll be visiting her grandparents. I’m really glad to be spending this alone time with her and grateful to have our wonderful caregiver look after Aidan while we are out and about.

She keeps asking when she can go back to school so next week she’s back at school for the holiday program.

There are going to be many many school holidays to come and I think it’s going to be a challenge to keep the kids busy and entertained… We going to have to get creative!

How are you keeping your little ones entertained this holidays?

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