Our First Family Vacay As a Family Of Four


Hey Everybody,

Writing this post, 3 weeks post holiday, is quite hard. I am literally dying for another one!

Since Aidan was born, we were never brave enough to face the prospect of travelling with two little kids. That doesn’t even sound like a holiday, does it?

We were starting to get cabin fever though and decided to give it a shot and book a holiday, not too far out of Cape Town the week after Easter last month.

We headed for The Blue Bay Lodge, in Saldanha Bay, just over an hours drive out of the City but as Murphy would have it, we weren’t even driving for 3o minutes when Aidan started screaming in his car seat. He screamed so bad that he actually threw up a little bit. We stopped the car and I tried to calm him down and I ended up sitting on the back seat between the two car seats for the rest of the journey. I realised that Aidan was very warm and he actually had a fever. I thought to myself… If this is how it starts…

Luckily we packed half of our medicine cabinet and as soon as we arrived at our destination I gave him some panado syrup which helped.

Blue Bay Lodge is a really beautiful place. It’s a great family destination – there’s a beautiful kiddies play area, pools and the unit we stayed in was right on the beachfront. There is a lovely restaurant on the resort which serves the most delicious ribs! We had Aidan’s birthday lunch and cake there 🙂

Alyssa had a blast and kept asking “is this our home now?” lol

Aidan wasn’t himself for the first 2 nights we were there but by the day of his birthday he recovered nicely and he had a lovely time.

Kurt and I even got some time alone during the nights and got to sit by the fire and have a glass of wine together.

In the end, we actually felt revived and relaxed. It’s amazing what a little bit of time away from the “routine” of daily life can do.

Here are some pictures of our stay.

















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