How Does Kim Kardashian Do It?

Image credit: SplashNews

Image credit: SplashNews

Just months after giving birth to her second child, Kim Kardashian is on the beach flaunting her flawless body and curves! How does she do it?

Well… she has personal trainers, dietitians and a personal chef at her disposal 24/7 – so how hard could it really be?

If you choose to look at it that way, you may be right. I however beg to differ, and if you’ve ever started any form of diet or healthy eating & fitness plan, you may just agree with me.

Hear me out: Regardless of having access to all of this help, Kim also has access to the best of foods and luxuries in life and it takes some serious willpower to stay away from these things. The Kardashian West clan travel the world and of course they are tempted to try out the best cuisine and party the night away! It takes discipline to say NO to these luxuries and if you do not have that will power, you are destined to fail in your attempt to lose those kg’s.

If your mind is not in it- you won’t succeed!

If your mind is not 100% in it – then there is no use of even starting a diet. That is what I have come to realize.

Being in the public eye all of the time probably also serves as a motivator for her. She, like any other woman would, would like to look and feel her best most of the time!

Kim gained quite a bit of weight during both her pregnancies, so she had a lot of kg’s to shed. That takes hard work!

My goal this year was to focus on healthy living and step up my fitness regime, which is going well however – I need to step up my game!

I’ve signed up for a 10km marathon next month…. Eek! So I have been pushing myself to gain strength and run the distance. I recently done my first 5km Parkrun which was the best ever. However, since then I find it so boring to just run on the treadmill and I struggle to do 5km’s without stopping to walk in between.

Well, I guess I will have to step it up and push through if I want to walk around like Kim K with my kids on the beach this Summer 🙂

Wish me luck for making it through the 10km run – I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the motivation Kim K!


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