Changing Up My Fitness Regime With Kayla Istines


Last year I made great progress on the fitness front. I basically went from doing absolutely nothing in 2015, to running 10km races and visiting the gym 122 times for the year, according to my medical aid 🙂

This year I thought I’d try to change things up a bit as I was basically just doing the same old routines and hitting a plateau.

I’ve been following Kayla Itsines on Social Media for a while and have always been inspired by the progress stories she and her followers share. I thought I’d look into it and see whether it was something that I could adopt. I saw a few people  enjoying the app – like Celeste from Being Me – and got positive feedback about the workouts.

I bought Kayla’s book when it launched, mainly for some healthy inspiration and then also downloaded the free 7-day trial which I followed – and I enjoyed it!!! I continued with a 1-month subscription and so far so good.

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How Does Kim Kardashian Do It?

Image credit: SplashNews

Image credit: SplashNews

Just months after giving birth to her second child, Kim Kardashian is on the beach flaunting her flawless body and curves! How does she do it?

Well… she has personal trainers, dietitians and a personal chef at her disposal 24/7 – so how hard could it really be?

If you choose to look at it that way, you may be right. I however beg to differ, and if you’ve ever started any form of diet or healthy eating & fitness plan, you may just agree with me.

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My Fitness Regime (If you can call it that)


Happy Monday and Happy May!

When I set my New Years Resolutions for 2016, Fitness was one of the top priorities in mind and I’ve honestly been making the effort and it is indeed going well.

I’ve never really been a “sporty” or “gym bunny” type chick but I have always been comfortable with some moderate form of physical activity like jogging and dancing. After I had Alyssa, I was quite disciplined and ran at least 2 or 3 times a week but once I fell pregnant with Aidan, I never really done much exercise and I kept telling myself I would get back into it once he was born.

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