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So it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the Motherhood front but needless to say, the Malan household has been busy. We have our hands full with two kids who are VERY busy, yet entertaining – fighting a lot, yet loving each other a lot too and they are literally running and dancing all day long!

Here’s what everyone’s been up to:


This little man has just grown up too quickly. At 17 months, he is now a walking, talking energiser bunny. He has quite the volcabulary  – he’s favourite words are – CAR, MAMA, DADA, LYSSA, MO-ICA (his nanny), LEKKA, STOP IT, NO, BALL, PA, MA, HELLO, SHOES, SOCKS, MAAK – IT (we call him Kaputs-maker lol), BABA. He’s also started putting words together, like “Come Lyssa” or “Go Out” which is another milestone which has been keeping him up at night. The whole of last week he woke up during the middle of the night, just to chat. Thankfully that has now passed.

He’s obsessed with cars, he loves standing at our front gate and watching the cars go by. He started walking at 14 months and now, he’s running and trying to keep up with big Sis!

He is also very fascinated with a guy who comes to clean our garden every week. When he’s there Aidan wants to be outside and wants to watch his every move. He’s name is Michael and Aidan seems to think that he lives in our Garage. Whenever Aidan gets the chance to go outside, he knocks on the garage door and calls “Michael, come Michael”

His hair is getting so long and people are beginning to mistake him for a girl, even when he’s dressed in like a full on boyish outfit! I’m not cutting it just yet, I think its cute:)



Alyssa is growing up way too fast for my liking and the things she says lately…. it just blows my mind. The other day, Kurt and I were intentionally speaking about something regarding her in afrikaans, when she comes up to me and says “Mom, why are you talking in Afrikaans now?” I didn’t even know that she knew that the language even existed but clearly she does!

Party season has begun for her again and all our Saturdays in September month are booked. Swimming lessons have started again and it’s as if she didn’t have the break. She got straight into the pool and remembered how to blow bubbles and kick her feet!

Dressing up is her own doing these days. Each morning after I dress her she walks back to her room and changes her outfit slightly, even if it’s just adding her tutu over her tights – but she has to add her own touch.



Mom and Dad

I think this deserves a separate post (and maybe I will) but lately, Kurt and I are finding it hard to find the time to spend together. With work, the kids schedules and just shear exhaustion, we barely get to spend 5 minutes speaking to each other every day. I can’t remember when last we even had date night or even day for that matter! In fact, it was our Date at Kamers, which was like 3 months ago! This is so bad.

Well, we’ve realised this and are doing something about it – as in right now. And tonight is officially Date Night. Yay! Well…. we first have a school meeting to attend, but thereafter the night is ours 🙂

Watch this space!




  1. catjuggles September 8, 2016

    Oh gosh, I hear you. Feels like we are passing ships in the night with everything else that is going on

    • Hayley September 8, 2016

      It’s bad. But we need to make the time hey!

  2. Celeste Booysen September 8, 2016

    Your kiddies are getting so big now. I just want to say that the image with you and the kids above reminds me of one of those “Celeb” shots you see online and in mags. You totally look like you are being secretly snapped by the papparazzi.

    • Hayley September 8, 2016

      LOL Celeste. It’s probably because I didn’t even know the pic was being taken, only saw it on our camera days later 🙂

  3. mommabearTrax September 12, 2016

    Gosh, same here in the date night front. This was something we really focussed on but this year has bee dismal . As soon as life gives us a second, we’ll grab date night with both hands!!!

    Ps. Love that gorg pic of Alyssa with the flower

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