Motherhood Update – Aidan at 18 months


18 months – Yep, that’s right!

A year and a half has passed since Aidan Cole Malan came and rocked our world!

The other night I realised that when Alyssa was this age, I was already expecting Aidan and we were so at ease with the decision to have our second child. Alyssa was so passive and calm that we were totally ok with welcoming a new baby into this world. Little did we know how different these two kids would be.

Aidan is like a little energizer bunny… the only time he sits still is when he’s eating or sleeping – basically just to recharge his batteries. He is very demanding and will shout and scream until he gets what he wants.


He loves being outside and I think I’ve mentioned it before, but he’s still really into our Gardener  for some hilarious reason. It’s gotten to the point where Aidan literally talks about him in  his sleep and has to be outside in his rain boots to assist and hand over the garden tools, whenever Michael is here. It’s so funny to see.


My favourite part of the day with Aidan is when I get home from work, I sit down and he brings his favourite book to me where he then pages, points and reads out the objects:

“Appel” – Apple

“Nana” – Banana

“Car” – “Car”

“Sissie” – Sister

“Paa” – Grandpa

“Baba” – Baby

“Moo” – Cow

“Shocks” – Socks

“Shoosh” – Shoes

I love how much he adores his big sister. He thinks she is the smartest person in the world and copies every single thing she does. Alyssa has this thing where she hears our front gate opening and then hides away behind a chair or under our dining table and shouts “SURPRISE” when the person walks in. Aidan tries to do the same but shame, he only starts hiding once the person has already walked in and greeted him. Then like 2 minutes later he climbs out and says “PISE” 🙂


My parents phone the kids most evenings and he gets so excited when the phone rings. He answers nicely by saying “He-ho” (Hello) and then says “Paa” “Maa” ( Pa and Ma) and then just starts talking gibberish as if he’s actually having a real life convo. Too funny.

He understands and comprehends what we are talking about these days and he even fetches something if you ask him to – but may just drop it in the toilet bowl along the way 🙂

He’s now perfected climbing up onto our couches, the coffee table as well and is now attempting to get on the window sills. BOYS!!! Alyssa did not do these things….

We wouldn’t change a thing, though. He’s personality adds a totally different dynamic to our household and certainly keeps the rest of us on our toes!





  1. catjuggles October 3, 2016

    Oh boy – is he not just the cutest little man!

    • Hayley October 3, 2016



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