Making Memories With Pampers: My Parenting Journey



Time is a precious commodity, especially when it comes to parenting.

From the first time you see those 2 lines on a pregnancy test your whole world changes as you start embracing the amazing journey of what parenting has to offer. Next thing you know, your baby starts walking and talking! It all happens so quickly.

At first and naturally so, the fear of the unknown kicks in and you start to wonder, will I be a good parent? There’s a lot to think about and if you haven’t had any practice, you will of course need to do your homework on things like how to change a diaper, burp a baby and figure the whole breastfeeding thing out.

My sources of information throughout my pregnancy and parenting journey has been from Doctors, friends, family and books to fellow Mom Bloggers across the world who have and are going through this same roller-coaster ride.

There are however a few natural instincts which kick in when you become a parent and it comes without doing any kind of research.  You know that “gut feeling”? – that’s what I’m talking about.

Like from the moment I fell pregnant, I had this strong feeling to protect and nurture the little person growing inside me. That feeling only got stronger as my babies were born and it’s grown to an urge to always do and give them the best that I can.

If I think of my entire journey as a Mom thus far, Pampers has been one of those brands where I get that “gut feeling” which makes me feel as if I’m giving my kids the best. This is why I am so excited to be doing this new series with Pampers, where I get to share some of these special memories which are part this epic journey I am on.12314244_10155392012801515_3802645451884939261_o

One of the best parts about having this blog is that it gives me a place to vent and share my life and parenting experiences. It helps putting pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) to get a new perspective on things, get opinions and hear stories from others who have or who are going through the same things as we are. It’s also very rewarding to get feedback from readers who can relate to my stories or that it may just help them put their own things into perspective. I’m so glad to be sharing some more memories with you and I’m so stoked that Pampers will be  part of this journey with me!

In addition to this series, Pampers and I have lots of exciting things in store for you over the next few months – so watch this space!!!


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  1. SpiritedMama1 October 7, 2016

    I can so relate. Pampers was my only choice with Dudie, who is now 7 and it will be again with our resident alien, who is due to arrive early February 2017.


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