Is Your Baby Ready For Pampers Pants? Aidan is…



Aidan is such a busy boy and does not remain still for a second!

Changing his diaper was becoming a challenge for me, as he would toss and roll around. Taped nappies are not easy to put on him at all and he keeps opening the tape whilst I try to close it!

It was for this very reason that I was so excited when Pampers sent me some Pampers Pants for Aidan to try out.

Aidan was too….


The pants are suitable for boys and girls, and it features an all-round stretchy waistband and flexible leg cuffs. Usually I would need to sing, dance or tickle him to get him to remain still while I change his diaper, but now its a simple pull on or off, which is perfect for my little man on the move.

We haven’t tried it overnight yet, but the pants have an extra Sleep-Layer which quickly absorbs wetness and spreads it evenly across the core, giving your baby up to 12 hours of dryness. Just like the Pampers Premium care that Aidan also uses, the pants are soft like cotton giving it a more comfortable fit.

Potty-training is also something I’ve been thinking about and although Aidan is not quite ready to begin yet, I think the Pampers Pants is giving him a “Big Boy” feeling and it will of course be easier to use the pants as part of that journey. In fact, the Pampers Pants comes in sizes 3, 4, 5 & 6 which will allow for this as he grows.

Gone are the days where I need to come up with innovative ways to distract this busy little boy, just to get his diaper on! aidy-2

Is your Baby ready to try out Pampers Pants?

Stay tuned for a Pampers Pants Giveaway next week, where you’ll be able to stand a chance of winning a little hamper.



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  2. Chantal Joy Dawson October 24, 2016

    My little boy Nahum age 2 is going through the “i can pull my nappy off at anytime” phase. My mom who is his nanny during the day is constantly running after him trying to secure his nappy. Potty training thus far has been a nightmare. Would love to win nappy pants for my little man, hopefully he wont manoeuvre his little toosh of them 🙂


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