**WIN** A Pampers Pants Hamper – Competition Closed



I’m having a lot of fun on the blog this month looking back at some old memories of planning for babies arrival and then also making some new memories like we did celebrating Alyssa’s 4th birthday. It’s hard to digest that Alyssa wearing Pampers diapers and Pants is but a distant memory. It really feels like it was just the other day!

It was also so overwhelming having 2 kids in diapers!

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**WIN** A Pampers Pants Hamper For Your Little One – Competition Closed

Last week I shared our take on the Pampers Pants which Aidan has started wearing.

Here’s a funny story about it – I was traveling a lot for work last week and Kurt had to change a few extra diapers whilst I was away 🙂

When I got home on Friday, he  told me that these new diapers Aidan is using, is just  not working out. He says that when Aidan makes a poo in them, it is a total mess when he has to take off the diaper. He says Aidan’s Nanny also complained about it.

I could not understand what he meant, until Kurt watched me change a diaper that evening!

Turns out, they were removing the Pampers Pants by just pulling it down like underwear. When they done that, Aidan tossed and turned and it got very messy. Kurt used so many wet wipes this week and poor Aidan had to be bathed each time.

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Is Your Baby Ready For Pampers Pants? Aidan is…



Aidan is such a busy boy and does not remain still for a second!

Changing his diaper was becoming a challenge for me, as he would toss and roll around. Taped nappies are not easy to put on him at all and he keeps opening the tape whilst I try to close it!

It was for this very reason that I was so excited when Pampers sent me some Pampers Pants for Aidan to try out.

Aidan was too….

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Product Review – Pampers unisex pull up pants 

IMG_9751A few weeks back i was asked to try out the new Pampers pull up pants with Alyssa. Although she is fully potty trained during the day, she still wears a nappy at night due to her still drinking bottles of milk. She also wears one should we be out and about around the time of her daytime nap.

I was happy to be asked as we haven’t really tried out pull up pants before and just use the normal Pampers premium care at night but the problem with that is if Alyssa wakes up and wants to use the potty during the night, it’s a mission to take off the nappy.

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