Funny Nappy Changing Stories That Will Make You LOL

fullsizeoutput_1bfaDisposable Diapers of today, particularly Pampers have really come a long way – like the silky smooth Pampers Premium care with absorbent channels, which provides our baby’s bottoms with dryness and comfort for as long as 12 hours! 

However, sometimes there’s just no diaper on earth that can prevent certain, should I say “explosions”, that will leave you wanting to cut your baby’s cutest little outfit off!

I asked a few Mom’s to share their funniest nappy changing experience where they had a real mess to clean up!

NOTE: You may want to get a cup of coffee and sit in a place where you can laugh as loud as you can 🙂

Janine Swart Peeters (Centurion Mom of 2 Boys and a girl on the way!)

One of many poop stories, but our first poop story I will never forget.

Our son was born 5weeks prem. The shock, the horror and just not feeling ready in anyway possible (not like anyone is ever “ready”). We both had never changed a tiny little boy nappy, aka our sons nappy, ever. The neo natal nurse did it with such ease. Until it was our turn. I was way too scared. So brave old hubby took charge.

Needless to say he was coming along until he lifted our tiny son to place the nappy under him. Projectile poo shot out and hit him bulls eye on the chest. A little higher it would have easily been his mouth – thankfully not. Hubby kept his composure and finished his job well.

Once our little man’s business was dealt with, hubby had to do some damage control:-)

Andrea Barras (Owner of Bird & Design, Creative Studio & Blog & Mom to 3 gorgeous kids)

 When Addison (my first) was born in London in 2012, I was pretty much one of the first people in our group of friends to have a baby, and at first I was pretty nervous and basically didn’t leave the house for a few weeks! When I finally plucked up the courage to go further than the corner shop, we strolled with the pram through the local park to a nearby shopping centre and was quite chuffed with my progress!

We visited a couple of shops and after a while I spotted Addi doing ‘the poo face’ followed swiftly by an explosion of epic proportions, and mustard poop squelching out of every possible opening in her babygrow! I decided to start making my way to the baby changing room and reached for the nappy bag (which usually hangs nicely over the handles of the pram) only to discover that I HADN’T BROUGHT IT! My first solo outing and I didn’t even remember to pack the most important things 😉

Fortunately, being in a shopping mall I was able to buy necessary supplies – it was a bit mortifying at the time but quit amusing in retrospect. Have never left the nappy bag behind since!

No frightening stories with Jules (baby number 2) that I can think of but Tess (number 3) is new enough for me to be careful about tempting fate 😉

 Gail Nel (Busy Mom of 2 Boys)

I was in church and my baby made a big poo that went all the way up the back and everything was full of poo. 🙊😷

So I had to change him at church and the child was screaming blue murder because it was so cold in the toilet. I was so traumatised!

And you know, its that sticky yellow poo. The only thing to do is throw that vest in the bin!

 Perl Jones (23 year old mom of one from Pretoria)

When my son naps and then wakes up, our dog is the first one in his room and waits next to his cot until I bring my son out his room.

One afternoon when my son woke from his nap, I left them in my son’s room while I was on the loo.

I walked into his room and found that my son had undressed himself and decided to have a monstrous poo which he then rubbed all over himself his cot with brand new white bedding, as well as the dog!

I couldn’t help but laugh as disgusted as I was. My son was 16months old at the time.

 Kim Muller (Fellow Blogger at Mullers Kids & Mom of 2 busy boys)

 When my youngest was born, I knew we would fly through diapers and that boys have this weird habit of weeing just as the dirty diaper is opened. What I wasn’t prepared for though, was the sometimes projectile poop that these newborns can do.

He was about 9 days old. My husband and I had already changed countless sheets and duvets because we just couldn’t get the hang of changing him. At that time, we were changing him on our bed because it was just easier with my c-sec.

Anyway, this one time we were changing a particularly full nappy. I needed the husband’s help with the changing because, well I was just still new at it and coping with the c-sec.

I opened the dirty diaper, pulled about a hundred wipes out to wipe the mess. Pulled out the dirty diaper and was just about to place the clean one under his bum when PROJECTILE POOP!!!!! He pooped on the bed, onto the husband, on me, on the floor, on the wall. Gosh that stuff was everywhere! And all we could do was sit there and laugh. Luckily it was newborn poop lol.

Then we had another incident with his newborn photo shoot….


Daleen Ehlers (First time mom, who’s winging this parenthood thing all the way!)

Hubby and I were getting or little girl’s foot prints, which in itself was quite a mess! So as I held her in the air on our way to the bathroom to wash her feet there was the biggest poonamie episode ever!

It shot out the side of the nappy, up her back, over my hand, onto the bathroom cabinet and floor… It was everywhere!!

Hubby is rather squeamish with these things so he just stood outside the bathroom with the box of wet wipes close enough so I could reach them and I tried to undress a now screaming blue murder 6 week old and couldn’t stop laughing, I think it was more shock than anything else!

Astrid Samuels (Cape Town Mom to 6-year-old)

 My funny nappy changing story was in those first couple on days and weeks with my son. As soon as I took his nappy off, he would pee again immediately, wetting me, the bedding and his clothes! I soon learned that you need to be really quick and to always have a cloth or wipe nearby to cover him as soon as you remove the nappy. It wasn’t funny back then but when I think about it now I can really have a good laugh about it.

 Talita Hall (Mom & Teacher)

 So this happened with my 18 month old a week ago. It had been a mission to change his nappy for a while now, he screams blue murder, stretches himself two meters tall and kicks and screams to kingdom come.

So I switched to pull-ups because then I can change his nappy without a fuss. So on this particular day, it was a poop nappy. I took him to his room and put him on the bed, he was lying still long enough for me to get the pull – up with the poop patty off, this lasted about 5 seconds.

Then he started screaming, I don’t know how it happened, but the poop patty fell out the nappy onto the floor. My little monster proceeded with his tantrum, wiggling off the bed (and leaving poop smears everywhere), and stepped smack dab in the poop patty.

He looked at his foot, wiggled his toes a bit, and took off running to the bathroom, leaving poopy footprints behind. During all this, I’m trying to juggle the wet wipes and wiping poop off his legs, running after him like a crazy person to try and minimize the damage. Needless to say, I plopped him in the bath and had to wash everything in his room…

I hope you had a good laugh from these!








  1. Kim Muller November 14, 2016

    Hahahaha that last story!!! Lovely reading everyone’s stories.

    I forgot about one story but I think I was so traumatised by it, that I deliberately don’t think about it. If you have another poop post, I’ll add it 🙂

  2. Tracy Jacobs November 14, 2016

    Haha had a good laugh now 🙂 reminded me of the one morning when my husband was in the bath and our oldest son (about 6 months old then) also wanted to be in the bath with his Dad…so I put him and they were both sitting facing the taps….I went downstairs and made tea….then I heard frantic calling from my husband….he was holding Alex out of the bath for me to take him…..u guessed it! Lots of runny poop all around the bath water and all over my husband

    • Kim Muller November 14, 2016

      Hahahahaha Tracy. I have similar stories with my eldest. He was a notable pooper lol

    • Hayley November 14, 2016

      Ha ha. Our hubby’s are so squeamish lol

  3. HarpersMama November 14, 2016

    Hahahahahaha! Much needed laugh on this blue Monday! My daughter has just turned 2 and the crazy poop stories are still coming – just this past weekend a particularly nasty mess of runny poop escaped the side of her nappy, running down her legs and puddling on the wooden floor, leaving a trail and dripping over both of us as I picked her up and ran to the bathroom to plonk her in the bath. Poor Daddy bravely cleaned up the mess, gag noises and all.
    I will also never forget the crazy yellow projectile poop I had to deal with in my first week back at work from maternity leave… neither will my colleagues who witnessed me walking through the doors will the evidence all over my black shirt! Crazy breastfeeding boobs and sleep deprivation meant I hadn’t even noticed haha.

    • Hayley November 14, 2016

      LOL The Joys 🙂

  4. Andrea November 15, 2016

    Hahaha brilliant – I actually think that photo of you is my best part though 😉 Thank you for including me x

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