Happy 4th Birthday Alyssa


Dear Alyssa

Here we are again – another year has passed and what an amazing year it has been watching you growing up.

Something happened this week, which makes me want to hug you even tighter than I do every day and cherish your every move. You will understand one day when you’re older.

Over the past year, your strong personality has certainly come to the fore. Your mood swings too – I think you may have inherited this from Daddy. However, your smile, laughter, and wit (which happens later in the day) compensates for that! Even when you are miserable in the mornings, you are actually quite funny and that makes me smile.

You have been a confident and independent child since day 1 and I love to see how these qualities continue to develop.

Although you and your brother fight a lot, it makes me so happy to see what a proud and protective big sister you are. You play this role very well.


Your creativity amuses me and it’s great to see it shine through in all your creations at school. Your tenacity when it comes to your swimming and ballet also makes me very proud, Alyssa.

We love watching you gallop, plie and point your toes. So keep on showing us. Your swimming strokes are coming along nicely and you have even perfected the mermaid swim 🙂

Our picnics, baking and singing together are really so much fun and I hope that we will continue doing this together for many years to come.


You are really growing up, so much so that you’ve skipped day-time naps completely and even gone on your first play date without Mom or Dad and I was glad to hear that you were respectful and graceful during the time. Continue to be that way my girl – it will take you far in life. You already have aspirations to be a Doctor, like Doc MStuffins – this may change (many times) or you may aspire to be Dr. Malan – no matter what you want to do, Mom and Dad will support you best we can.


It is so lovely to see you have fun and play with all your friends! You already have special friendships which have even opened the doors for Mom and Dad to get new friends because of this – that’s how special you are.

I’m a bit jealous of the way you’ve got Daddy wrapped around your finger. He used to smile at me the way he smiles at you (I think there’s a song like that lol) but I don’t blame him… You are a real princess and of course he’s smitten. Perhaps one day when you and Aidan are a bit older, Mom and Dad will get some more time to smile at each other 🙂


Alyssa, I wish you the happiest 4th Birthday and I really hope that when you’re older you’ll have at least a few flashes of memories from this past year. If not, you’ll have to visit my blog!

Since you are turning four years old today, I believe you deserve more than four slices of cake! So I hope you enjoy your gifts and that you have the best party ever this weekend.

Lots of Love






















  1. Kim Muller February 10, 2017

    Awww beautiful tribute and the happiest of birthdays to dear Alyssa! Congrats Hayley! She’s gorgeous. Hope the party is filled with loads of fun and lots of cake. Hhhhmmm cake 😀

    • Hayley February 10, 2017

      Thank you Kim! She had all of the above – it was definitely a day to remember 😉

  2. Michilene February 10, 2017

    So sweet Hayley. I smiled (and also teared up a bit) throughout reading this post. Her bestie and us as parents, loves her very much and I am so glad they chose each other to share their experiences. Happy birthday sweet heart ❤.

    • Hayley February 10, 2017

      Michilene, it’s just so beautiful watching them grow up and share a beautiful friendship. Thanks for allowing bestie to spend the day – Alyssa’s day was completely made 😉 The minute you drove off, she asked when you guys are coming to visit again

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