When Your Four-Year-Old Says She Needs Space

Alyssa has already started asking those around her to “give her space”. I thought that’s something that only happens in the teenage years?

I think I know the reason for her asking this question and I’m actually thankful that she verbalizes this need, as opposed to throwing a tantrum about it.

Alyssa just turned two when Aidan was born, and it was hard on her at first. Now she’s able to play with him, which she loves doing, however – little Bro’ doesn’t know any boundaries. He wants to do everything she does, wants everything she has and invades her personal space 24/7.

As a solution to give her some room to breath, we’ve upgrades her bedroom to a “big girl” room to give her some space, that she so badly wants. Aidan also got upgraded from his cot to her single bed & Alyssa now has a double-bunk. 


We decided to get her a teepee, that could be her “escape” from little bro and she has surely laid down the law with him. Does he listen though?

She loves the hideaway and you’ll often find her in there – imagination deep in the land of Equestria with her Ponies and Unicorns!

Opposite her teepee stands her toy box. My Dad made Alyssa and Aidan a toy box each, which is great way to keep things out of sight (and out of Aidan’s way.)

Even thought she needs her space, she still allows Aidan in everyday. I love watching them play and learn together. She “reads” to him and even lets him into the teepee every now and again.

As much as she loves her space, she loves spending time with him too.


  1. Kim Muller May 22, 2017

    I love her room! I wish we had the room space for me to do this for the boys. Hopefully when we find our forever home lol. It’s so bright and I love the toy box.

    • Hayley May 22, 2017

      Thanks Kim. I’m sure you’ll find that home soon xx

  2. Vee May 22, 2017

    I looooove this bedroom

  3. Simone Cameron May 22, 2017

    I love her room, so spacious and functional. I have been battling for years and I swear my kids rooms look like a dumpster. lol

  4. Melissa Javan May 23, 2017

    Beautiful room, love the teepee.

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