Motherhood Update

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on the Motherhood front! Four months ago to be exact. A whole season has passed and as much as I love Winter, I must say I am looking forward to the warmer season (with some rain of course).

With just a third of the year left, I can almost taste that summer holiday vibe – well not quite, there’s still quite a bit to achieve and get through in 2017. That leads me to Aidan’s update…

What’s been happening with Aidan?

This busy boy is about to be moved out of his comfort zone. Since the day he was born he’s been completely and lovingly spoilt rotten by our wonderful nanny. He’s had the life of leisure for over 2 years and now it’s time for him to meet some friends.

He will be joining Alyssa at her school next term – in the toddler class. It will only be half day and then home with Nanny – but still – it’s a major adjustment for my sensitive little boy. He doesn’t easily take to new people so I envisage a rough few weeks. My tummy actually goes into knots just thinking about it.

But I think he needs a little bit of interaction – especially with other boys. He’s so caught up in Alyssa’s world of fairy dresses and Barbie dolls, not that there’s anything wrong with that – but he looks up to her, and she kind of makes him think that he’s cars and Superheros are just not as cool as her toys!

Speaking of Alyssa…

What’s been happening in Alyssa’s world?

My little girl is fighting off a nasty tummy bug since the weekend. She wasn’t her normal chirpy self, which in itself was an indicator something was wrong. She’s, however, recovering well and almost back to her witty little self.

Alyssa is at the stage where we as parents, actually have to have quite serious conversations with her. You know the ones where you explain right from wrong? Like hiding things from Mom and Dad is not a good idea? Or when you say things like that – you really hurt your brother’s feelings.

We seem to be having these conversations quite regularly, which makes me want to refer to some handbook on life but there isn’t really one of those on hand – unless I don’t know about it?

Like that time she told me she needed space…. like what? You’re 4!

Mom and Dad?

At the beginning of the year, I said that I would make a concerted effort to ensure that Kurt and I had more date nights. While we began on a VERY slow start,  we are making progress and have been on 2 dates in the space of a Month – WHAT??? Yep!

So that’s cool, but now we need to learn to actually talk about things other than our kids on these dates of ours. We complain about how busy they keep us, but then at the end of the night, we realise how we are actually missing them!

Sad I know….

On another note, we are regularly being asked if and when we are having another child! Can you believe it? While the idea may have seemed completely ridiculous at first – it’s a discussion we’re having right now.

But I’ll leave that conversation for another post.




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