Baby Dove Launches In South Africa

How Exciting!

Dove has launched Baby Dove in South Africa and I’m very excited to share the gorgeous new product range with you.

Along with the products, comes a strong message for Moms. Dove believes that there’s no such thing as a perfect Mom! 

Dove is supporting Moms by reminding them that no one knows their baby better than they do. And Dove believes that this positive reinforcement is just what moms need to hear, to be able to close out the noise and criticism, and listen in, and trust themselves to look after their baby just the right way.

I couldn’t agree more!

Dove’s caring baby products go beyond mildness to help replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby skin, helping to keep it moisturized by putting moisture back! Both the Rich Moisture and Sensitive ranges are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and pediatrically approved. Baby Dove products are formulated with tear-free cleansers, moisturizers that uniquely replenish essential nutrients and they are also pH-neutral for all babies’ skin types.


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range

Petroleum Jelly

  • Baby Dove Petroleum Jelly locks in moisture and provides protection from wetness.
  • Retail Price: 100ml @ R17,99


Baby Bar

  • Baby Dove Bar is milder and more nourishing than ordinary baby soaps.
  • Retail Price: 75g bar @ R12.99


Head-to-toe Wash

  • Baby Dove Head-to-Toe Wash helps retain moisture all day
  • Retail Price: 200ml @ R38.99

Rash Cream

  • Baby Dove Nappy Cream neutralises pH in seconds and immediately protects from diaper rash irritation. It provides instant comfort from the first use.
  • Retail Price: 45g @ R34.99


  • Baby Dove Wipes are as gentle as water and provide instant moisturization.
  • 1 pack (50 sheets) @ R31.99 – I believe a multi-pack is coming soon 🙂

Other products in the rich moisture range:

Shampoo: 200ml @ R49.99

Lotion: 200ml @ R48.99

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range

Takes extra special care of babies with sensitive skin. Developed to help you care for your baby’s sensitive skin from head to toe, every product is mild and fragrance-free. The range includes Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip-to-Toe Wash, Lotion and Baby Wipes.

Head-to-toe Wash

Retail Price: 200ml @ R38.99



  • Retail Price: 200ml @ R38.99


  • 1 pack (50 sheets) @ R31.99

Baby Dove will be available in most major retailers from 1 July 2017, but if you’re in a hurry you may find some at Baby City or Baby Boom.

For a little preview, you can check out my unboxing of the product range below.


  1. Simone Cameron June 28, 2017

    Keen to see these in store and pick up a few products.

  2. Melissa Javan June 28, 2017

    I mean Dove is already such a great product – how can they get even better 🙂 This is so cool


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