Friday Reflections

Firstly, apologies for the silence on the blog. I’ve been sharpening my tools – doing a few courses and will be writing some exams soon. 

It’s also that time of the year where I can feel the burn. My body is tired and run-down which makes me more susceptible to all the germs floating around in the air. I’ve been ill with a cold or flu 4 times this year, which is an all time record. I just hope that as the warmer weather approaches, I won’t be a victim anymore.

I promise to share some more great content with you this month. In the meantime, I hope that you’ve been enjoying the giveaways! There is still a little time to enter the Huggies Hamper Giveaway as well as the Breastfeeding Awareness week Similac Mom Giveaway, so go ahead and enter.

After reading all your lovely comments on the Breastfeeding Awareness post, I have such a warm heart. I am so excited for the new Moms and Mom’s to be who are about to embark on a new journey. It also got me reminiscing about my journey through breastfeeding. While it was good for my children nutritionally, it was also one of the things that solidified my bond with them. 

It was so scary at first though and the first few days was a painful exercise but once we got that latch right, it was amazing! 

Alyssa basically lived on my breasts and the whole experience with her was seamless and “easy”. Whereas when Aidan came around, things were fine at first but then he suffered from reflux, which through us a curveball when he refused to drink anything but we managed to get it under control rather quickly.

I owe the success to the support structure I had during that time. Kurt was, and still is, very hands on, and was by my side 24/7 to make sure we were comfortable. 

Secondly, there’s a breastfeeding clinic just 10-minute drive from our home and the sisters who work there are the best.  They helped me and my babies perfect that latch, different positions and made sure I was sitting correctly. They told me I was welcome at any time and even if I just wanted to relax and have a cup of tea! 

My breastfeeding journey continued after I went back to work. I built up my stock supply of milk in the freezer, I felt so proud of myself.

I also expressed 2 or 3 times per day at work and it was enough milk for the next day while I was at work. It was tough doing this while having a busy day at work and with meetings. But that feed and cuddles as I walked in the door was just priceless.

Strangely, both Alyssa and Aidan weaned themselves off within the week of their first birthdays. They were like ” mom I’m a big child now, sorry” It was certainly hard for me as I felt as that really marked the end of a very special time.

Breastfeeding has left it’s mark on me and it’s hard to think I may never do it again…



So to the Moms about to embark on this journey, take it one day at a time. Do what is best for you and your baby, whether that is to breastfeed or bottle feed – but do remember to enjoy each and every day with your little one. They will never be as little as they are today.

Also, please do not compare yourself or your baby to anyone else. Like each pregnancy is different, so is every baby and every Mom. You will find your own way. And you need to trust it.






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