Motherhood Update: Aidan At School

Never in my life was I as anxious as I was in the time leading up to this school term.

Every time I thought about Aidan’s first day at Toddler School, my stomach turned into a huge knot.

Aidan has always had a good case of “stranger danger” and would literally only allow very familiar people in his personal space. He takes a long while to get used to somebody new and even then, Mom or Dad would need to be in his eye line. His Nanny was literally the only person he would ever willingly stay alone with.

So when his first day of school arrived, I was so nervous. I could barely drive. My hands were shaking. I was preparing myself for a tug of war with him at the school gates. But that morning, I noticed Aidan seemed rather excited from the moment he opened his eyes.

As we arrived at school, he didn’t seem the least bit nervous and walked straight into the classroom. He greeted everyone and looked genuinely excited. I stayed for a few minutes while he happily played with the teacher and other kids, and he cried a little bit as I said goodbye to him. And that was it. No more tears.

I am shocked to the core. He is excited to get to school each day and tells me to hurry up each morning!

This little guy has literally been building up the courage all this time and has made the transition very easy. I suppose there are a few reasons why it’s played out well.

He has the Best Big Sister

He knows very well that big sis is right next door to him, so why does he need to worry? On the first day, the teachers allowed her to sit in his classroom for the day. What more could you ask for? She has also been giving him the lowdown on who the kids are in his classroom and who she thought would be his friends, so he was really looking forward to meeting his pals.

It wasn’t all new to him

Although he’s never been to actual class before, he knew of the school -as he’s been with to drop/fetch Alyssa and has also attended her school functions. So he’s met the Teachers before and has been in the classrooms a few times, which probably helped him fathom this idea of being a school boy a bit better.

We spoke about school a lot

In the weeks leading up to the big day, we spoke to him about school. We told him about what he’d do in the classroom, the games they’d play and how Alyssa would be there too! I also bought a storybook called “Mouse’s Big Day” which is all about the fears around the first day. He loved the book and we’ve probably read it about a hundred times already. It was worth it though, as I think it gave him an idea of how to approach his first day.

We waited until he was ready

There was no rush on our part in sending him to school. Alyssa started toddler school just before she turned two, but Aidan was definitely not ready at that age. I just didn’t feel the need to send him that young anyway and he was (and still is in the afternoons) very happy with the Nanny.

Over the last while, we could see that was ready. He’s just a lot more confident now than he was a few months ago and enjoys interacting with other kids.

👧🏻Suddenly we have 2 big kids 👦🏻 We survived Day 1!!! I totally underestimated this little guy. I really expected (and mentally prepared myself) a very traumatic morning at school but despite a few tears when saying goodbye, Aidan had a really good first day of school! He even picked me a flower before I left 🌸 He has literally been building up the courage all of this time and the “prep work” we done has clearly paid off! I’ll share some more about that on the blog soon 🙏❤️#happyheart . . . . . . . #day1 #school #cutekids #mommyblogger #blogger #firstdayofschool #kidsfashion #siblings #siblinggoals #momlife #parenting #parentingblogger #myunicornlife #kids #play #learn #flowerpower #nature

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He is really loving school and I love hearing his little stories every afternoon. At first he didn’t know any of his classmates names and would refer to everyone as “Da Boy” and “Da Girl” but he’s learning a new name every day.

He is now also referring to our home lounge area as the “class” 🙂

I’m so proud of my big boy





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