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It’s the 3rd month of 2018 already – where has the time gone? 

I haven’t shared a post in this series since last year, so it’s kind of overdue!

Each time I share an update in the series, I always look back at my last post and reflect on how things have changed since then. And it makes me happy to see how my kids have developed, but at the same time, it makes me sad to see how quickly they are growing up.

I mean, just look at this picture. How tall are these kids?

So what has been happening since the last update? 

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After settling in so well at his new school at the end of last year,  Aidan had a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the long Summer holiday. Some of his buddies who are slightly older than him moved over to another class, which left him a tad bit sad. His class teacher was also on a course for a few weeks and he really missed her. Every morning he would moan and say he wants to stay home with his Nanny and not go to school. This went on for weeks.

But now that his teacher is back, he’s a happy chappy again.

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Aidan currently has a MAJOR obsession with superheroes – the Avengers especially – and he literally thinks he’s Captain America. He makes everyone at home dress up in some kind of superhero clothing, so that we can “fight” with him.

He even went to the shops with his Dad one day and came back with a Wonder Woman T-shirt for me. He makes me wear it – daily – along with one of his superhero masks. But the funniest part is that when I put it on and get a bit too much into character for his liking, he shouts “NO MOM, YOU TOO SCARY NOW. STOP IT”

This Kid!


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From the day that Alyssa turned 5, she seems to think that she’s inherited so many new capabilities. She can now reach cupboards and shelves that she couldn’t back when she was 4 (less than a month ago). She also seems to think that she’s allowed new perks – like chewing bubblegum!

But at times when I ask her to help with a chore, then her story suddenly changes and says…mmm… “no Mom, I’m still too little”

I can, however, see a development in her maturity and understanding of new concepts! She has also gotten a lot taller!

She has also gotten a lot taller!

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south african mommy blogger

Well, 2018 has already allowed Kurt and I a few date nights – which has been AMAZING!

And we plan on keeping the momentum. These kids keep us busy 24/7, 365 days a year, so I think it’s only fair that we catch a break here and there.

We are completely blessed and we absolutely love spending time with them and that’s what we do every single day of our lives and we’re not complaining. But everybody needs time-out now and again!

And we doing just that.

Happy weekend all!






  1. ramona March 2, 2018

    You are truly blessed

  2. Kerryn Haarhoff March 2, 2018

    Im looking for some fresh date- night ideas for me and my hubby. Any suggestions? Your family is gorgeous.

    • Hayley March 6, 2018

      Thanks Kerryn. My husband and I went on a sunset hike recently which is something new for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Now and again we also take a day off from work and while the kids are at school we spend the day together and we’ll do wine tasting or a picnic ❤️

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