The KidloLand App Has Been A Hit This Holiday

At the end of last year, I was approached by KidloLand, who enquired whether I’d be interested in letting the kids review their app. It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard of the app – I actually downloaded the app a year or 2 ago for Alyssa and took advantage of the free trial version.

What I remember from back then is that Alyssa really loved it and got upset when she couldn’t access the purchased version.

So I was happy to agree to the review, as not only would Alyssa now get to access the full app, but Aidan would also get a chance to play around with it, as it caters for kids under the age of 5.

It was especially great to have access to the app over Christmas time as the kids got to sing along to their favourite Christmas songs.

Then, of course,  the nursery rhymes… Aidan absolutely loves singing nursery rhymes and I love that he’s learning new ones via the app.

Alyssa is currently mastering writing the letters of the alphabet. She struggles with certain letters, for example, her b’s are sometimes written back to front. The app gives her the opportunity to get some practice by tracing the letters. Her next milestone would be to identify words and syllables – and the early reading component of the app seems to be perfect for that.

Kidloland App

Overall, I think it’s a brilliant app for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s educational, yet fun and will definitely keep your kid coming back. Alyssa and Aidan absolutely love it!

Screen time on tablets and phones for kids is always a hot topic when it comes to parenting but I believe that as long as there’s an educational aspect to what they are viewing and that there are boundaries and rules in terms of time spent – then it can be largely beneficial to a child growing up in this tech-savvy world!

You can learn more about the Kidloland app here or if you want to download:

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored or paid content. We received an annual subscription to the app in exchange for the review.


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