Aidan’s Superhero Birthday Party

superhero party

So my superhero-obsessed little man finally got to have his party!

He was literally so excited for the big day to arrive,  waking up each morning enquiring  “Is it my party today, Mom?” 

But who can blame the little guy, his actual birthday was a week prior, it was over the long  Easter weekend and it was school holidays – so he was so confused about what day it was.

But eventually, the day came – and he couldn’t have asked for more special day.

superhero party

Not only did he get to dress up as a superhero, some of his friends did too! Although Captain America is his ultimate favourite superhero, he loved the fact that all superhero’s were part of the celebration.

superhero party

Having just gotten over planning and overseeing every little aspect of Alyssa’s birthday party in February, I decided to get help this time around. Fortune Cookies came to my rescue this time around, and I didn’t need to lift a finger where the food and cakes were concerned. Bonus -the food tasted AMAZING!

superhero party

Superhero party

Every party needs some entertainment and the jumping castle and Pinata were both a hit (no pun intended there)! I’ve never seen kids move with such determination as I did when the pinata broke at the party!

superhero party

Aidan greeted all of his friends as they arrived – but not so politely – he literally just took the present from his pals and proceeded to open them before Mom or Dad got hold of it!

So in many of the pictures taken during the day, you’d see him with a different present in hand.

Superhero party

I’m so glad that Aidan had a SUPER day!

I’m also relieved that my kids party planning season is over for the year 🙂

Until 2019




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