Alyssa’s Moana Themed Birthday Party

Moana birthday party

Last weekend we celebrated Alyssa’s 5th birthday with a Moana themed party. We celebrated under the hugest beautiful tree in true island style with friends and family.

In my 5 years of parenting (gosh, that’s half a decade already lol) and hosting kiddies parties, this was the very first one that I handled everything on my own and not left it up to a party venue. So from decor, food, set up and theme – I had to do it all from scratch.

Of course, Moana’s Dad pitched in where he could especially where the catering was concerned – but all the planning and organizing was up to mwah.

These first few weeks of the year has been busy and productive, so I was finding it hard to squeeze all the preparation into my schedule, so everything was kind of left to the last minute. And then on the last minute, Alyssa fell ill with a tummy bug, which means I had even less time to pull it all together.

Nevertheless, it all turned out well. And she had the best day!

Moana birthday party

I had to take a few shortcuts though. Time was of the essence. For example, I was planning to bake cupcakes and biscuits myself but just didn’t get there. So I improvised by buying plain cupcakes and cookies and just icing them according to the theme!

Well, Kurt did 🙂

heart of te fiti cookies moana

For every kiddies party, we order cake pops from Claire’s Cake Pops, and our guests are always super impressed with the design and taste. Ask Aidan, every time I spotted him he had a different character in his hand.

moana cake pops

The Velvet cake company also never disappoints and Alyssa got to add a dash of her favourite colour into the already colourful party theme.

moana party food

Alyssa’s guests were also in for a treat and all received some healthy nutritious snacks from Clover Nutrikids.  We are super grateful! The colourful packaging of the yoghurts and milk blended well with the Moana island style theme.

moana birthday party

Moana party

Moana birthday party

I had the cutest outfit planned for Aidan to wear, but it was near impossible to convince him that it was NOT his superhero birthday party. He refused to wear it and even got a Batman face paint to prove it!

He sure enjoyed the Moana snacks though!

Alyssa had the most beautiful day with her friends and family and just like he was for her party – super excited for her little bro’s party coming up soon!






  1. Zayaan Schroeder February 15, 2018

    Lovely party Hayley. Loved all the food ideas.

  2. Juwayra Januarie February 15, 2018

    Awesome party idea…The cake pops are so cute!

  3. Modern Zulu mom February 15, 2018

    Beautiful theme and set up. Well done mommy and all the blessings to Alyssa.

  4. Mommabeartrax February 15, 2018

    Stunning love!

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