How To Get Your Skin To Glow Naturally

how to get your skin to glow naturally

No Filter, no expensive products!

Yes, it’s possible to get a healthy glowing face without being pregnant or without spending a fortune on expensive beauty products!

For me, Winter makes my skin work that much harder to stay moisturised.

After my pregnancies, my skin (especially my face) has become considerably dry. I’ve tried so many different products to help me bring back the glow but what I’ve come to realise is that you really don’t have to break the bank to keep your skin looking healthy.

Of course, there are products that have helped me (which I’ll maybe share about soon) but for me, it’s like treating the symptoms and not actually getting to the route of the problem.

There are a few natural things that have helped me bring back the glow – and I thought I’d share them with anyone else who’s struggling this Winter:


Exercise helps my body and skin especially, in so many ways. Exercise brings oxygens and nutrients to the skin. I find that when I walk out of the gym, my skin is initially red and my pores opened. Once I get out of a cool shower and moisturise, my skin has a really healthy glow.

So the more regularly I exercise, I find that I have less dry patches on my skin.



Removing scaly skin with a circular motion to remove dead cells can really do wonders for the skin. I do this at least once a week and sometimes even make my own homemade exfoliating masks!


By drinking at least 8 glasses a day, you will help rid your body and skin of toxins. I find that when I up my water intake, my skin has a more radiant glow. I don’t think it’s something that happens overnight though, but after a couple of weeks of increasing water intake it should be enough to see an improvement in your hydration. 

Satin pillowcase

how to get your skin to glow naturally


Our skin needs to breathe! Most pillowcases made of rougher fabrics such as cotton or flannel and our skin has a much harder time breathing and staying cool. With satin pillowcases, the skin is able to breathe more which helps with minimizing pores, reducing irritation and redness, and increasing firmness!

I’ve seen a few pricey ones online, but I managed to snab a few at Mr Price home recently for just R59.99 each. Score!

Vitamins or Supplements 

Many nutrients are responsible for healthy skin that glows, including vitamins C, A, and B. The most reliable way to get them all in every day is to eat well, but then also take a daily supplement!

I’ve started using a daily collagen supplement along with vitamin C which is said to help with your skin and so far I’ve seen a slight improvement, however, I can’t 100% say its all thanks to the collagen – it may just be a combination of all of the above!

Do you have any natural remedies for dry skin?

I’d love to hear.





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