Story Telling Time With Barbie Estate

Barbie Estate

Alyssa is obsessed with all things Barbie at this point in her life. From playing with Barbie, to watching Barbie movies and reading Barbie stories -she is hooked. Its honestly the best thing to see, as it literally allows me to go back to my childhood and just have fun with it too.

I was so excited when we were asked to review a product from the Barbie estate range recently and couldn’t wait to show Alyssa.

But before I let her know and handed it to her, we took a trip to Toy Kingdom to have a look at the full range. She was in complete heaven and couldn’t believe how far her imagination could travel with Barbie.

When we left the store she could not stop talking about how fabulous the Barbie house furniture and accessories were. Alyssa’s Grandad built her a dollhouse earlier this year, so she was very excited about how perfectly it would all fit in the house.

You can then imagine her excitement when I finally gave her a pet play and from the Barbie Estate range.

Barbie Estate

She immediately set up a new room in the dollhouse for Barbies new pet and his stylish accessories.

barbie estate

Alyssa spends hours with her dollhouse and enjoys setting up the pets quarters in different rooms while Barbie goes from being an animal  Doctor to a teacher to a model!

barbie estate

So much fun!

Here is some more information on the full Barbie Estate range:

Indoor furniture assortment:

Barbie Estate

Enjoy a night indoors with the Barbie collection of indoor furniture plus pet packs. They make it easy to spend a night in with popular themes – like dining for two, movie night or pet play – and a pet friend for bonding. Arrange and rearrange the pieces to tell fun stories. Each set includes traditional furniture with signature style and themed accessories that open up the play possibilities.

Outdoor furniture assortment:

barbie estate

Soak up the sun with this Barbie collection of outdoor furniture plus pet packs. They help set the scene for a perfect day with fun outdoor settings – like a hammock, braai or beach picnic – and a pet friend to help enjoy the day (doll sold separately). Each set includes traditional furniture pieces (like a hammock and table, braai and chair or umbrella beach chair and cooler-box), delicious snacks and cool accessories. The pets are adorable, with a kitten or a puppy ready for pet play. Open the door to imagination with these play sets that let kids explore outdoor fun.


Barbie Estate

Scoot into fun mode with the Barbie moped. It comes with a pet friend who’s always ready to ride! Designed in pink and yellow with silvery accents, the moped is trendy and stylish. Place Barbie doll (sold separately) on the seat where a clip holds her in place. Lift up the kickstand and push to head into a world of imagination while puppy comes along for the ride in the yellow basket on the back. Don’t forget the yellow helmet so Barbie can ride safely in style. Whether you are going for a short ride or driving into adventure, this moped is ready to roll. Includes Barbie moped with basket, puppy and helmet, doll not included. Colours and decorations may vary.

Story house and doll:

Barbie Estate

Barbie loves hanging out at home! There’s a kitchen with sink and stovetop where Barbie doll can cook up all kinds of stories. In the next space, you can leave the TV up to create a living room or flip it down to create a dining table. There are place settings for two, a cooking pot, a soap bottle, a hairbrush, a clock, a towel and a blanket. The accessories have been designed to plug into spaces on the set for creative play and easy clean up. Barbie doll is adorable in a denim dress with white polka dots and pink accents, while pink sandals add a trendy touch.

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