7 Tips To Be More Productive This Week

tips to be more productive

2019 has honestly just been GO, GO, GO!

It really feels like October already!

Being busy and productive is a good thing though. It means we are fulfilled, hopefully making money and putting our brains to good use.

But sometimes, when I have too much on my plate, I tend to step back and end up doing nothing and wasting time and then leaving everything to the very last minute and just hastily making decisions and doing things. Am I the only one?

I hate doing that. I find that if I plan better and set myself realistic goals, I end up ticking things off my checklist very quickly and efficiently! 

7 Tips To Be More Productive This Week

So with this in mind, I thought I’d make a list of the things that help me focus clearly each week and perhaps you could also apply it in your day-to-day deliverable’s. And it’s not only for work output, I actually try to apply this to my home life as well! Why? Because you have to make the time to do something if you really want to….

Here are my tips:

Wake Up Early And Get Some “Me Time”

Even if it’s just 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the family, or before you need to start getting ready for the day – take that time after waking up to just think and be. Have a cup of coffee or tea and ease your way into the day that lies ahead.

Set Your Goals For The Day

When you’re having that mindful time in the morning, also think about what you’d like to achieve for the day. Set small realistic goals for yourself and ask yourself what would make you feel as if you’ve accomplished something by the end of that day.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just set your target on what’s important on your own to do list.


For the last few months, I’ve been putting in a lot more effort in terms of regular exercise. It really has done wonders for me. I exercise most mornings, even if it’s just for 30 minutes, before I get my day started and I honestly feel so much more focused because of it and there are obvious health benefits too.

Tick Off The Most Dreaded Task First

This is hard to do sometimes, but at times I find that if I tackle those tasks that “scare me” first and focus on it completely for a bit, it’s actually not that hard or not much effort required and I can easily get it out of the way.

Don’t “Over” Multi-Task

Sometimes we have so many different things to do that we literally don’t know where to start and instead of tackling them one by one, we end up getting distracted by more entertaining things, like scrolling through our Instagram Feeds. Sound familiar?

This is why I love setting realistic goals each morning and focus on that task at hand and work through it with complete focus, before moving on to the next.

tips to be more productive

Take Breaks

Breaks are good. Getting away from your computer screen for a few minutes can give you that boost your brain so badly needs.

Take a walk around the block, make yourself a cup of tea or phone a friend for a quick laugh.

Have a Set Bed Time

Feeling fatigue set in is the worst possible thing to happen when you need to be productive. You can’t be on your A game when all you want to do is slouch on the couch!

I am someone that can do with a little sleep but that doesn’t mean I should not sleep my 7-8 hours. It’s a challenge for me but I’m trying to push for 7 hours.

My iPhone has a cool bedtime feature (that I should be using) where you can not only set the alarm to wake you up in the morning but it can also be set to alert you for bedtime. Basically a reminder to tell you to stop what you’re doing and get to bed!!!

I need to set this up!

So these are just a few tips I’m sharing to get us all through a very productive week!

I hope you find them useful.




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