7 Tips To Be More Productive This Week

tips to be more productive

2019 has honestly just been GO, GO, GO!

It really feels like October already!

Being busy and productive is a good thing though. It means we are fulfilled, hopefully making money and putting our brains to good use.

But sometimes, when I have too much on my plate, I tend to step back and end up doing nothing and wasting time and then leaving everything to the very last minute and just hastily making decisions and doing things. Am I the only one?

I hate doing that. I find that if I plan better and set myself realistic goals, I end up ticking things off my checklist very quickly and efficiently! 

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What I love most about being back at work after maternity leave 


I’ve been back at work for about 2 months now and it’s incredible to see how much Aidan has developed in such a short time. When I get home some evenings and he greets me with his gorgeous smile, he just looks so much older than he did the day before. He’s already mastered 2 new skills within these few weeks – sitting by himself for a few seconds and rolling over from his back on to his tummy.

So yes, I am definitely missing out on special moments with him but I must admit it … I am actually enjoying being back at the office and these are the reasons why:

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