Dear Aidan

To my baby boy on your 4th birthday

Aidy Baby – I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to call you that any longer.

That’s the nickname that big Sister has given you since the day you were born and it has stuck. Even Alyssa’s friends call you that.

You also have that baby face that I think will always be, regardless of your age!

Of course you know that we love you, but there really is so much to love you for. You are a sensitive little guy that can make any heart melt in your little palms.

You are a busy little guy but at the same time, you know how to chill out.

I love watching you build your Lego and watching you have fun pretending to be a Super hero. Captain America is still your favorite and you definitely own that character.

You’ll always be my Captain A.

I have so many hopes for you Aidan.

I know you’re going to move mountains in this world.

You are so intuitive and that is going to guide all your decisions in life. You have the ability to stand up for yourself in a respectful way and I hope you continue to do that.

You still refuse to have your haircut and you’ve managed to get away with it as far as possible. I really admire how you stand your ground 🙂

I don’t mind how long you’d like to stay my little mushroom.


You’re an empathetic little guy always checking up on me, I just feel so special when you do.

You’re also the best little brother that any sister could ask for. I’ve been watching you and Alyssa this school holiday and the bond that the two of you have is just so special and strong. Please promise me that you’ll always try your best to remain close to your sister.


You are Dad’s little shadow. It really is the sweetest thing. I know how much you admire him and I know that it’s only going to get better as you grow up. You and Dad are going to have so much fun building things together and doing some DIY around the house.

I’m sure you’re going to show Dad a thing or 2.


So here’s to wishing the coolest kid on the block, the best fourth birthday ever!

We hope you enjoy your party today.

Love you loads


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