Every Mom Should Travel Without Their Kids, At Least Once

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Once Kurt and I became parents, we had to move so many things around in our lives. Gone were the days of spontaneous travel and nights out. It just takes so much planning to make things like this happen when you have kids, not to mention – double the cost!

If we want to do anything without the kids these days, we have to arrange a babysitter. Also, as working parents we always have the thought and guilt of not spending enough time with our kids!

But after some thought and as you may have read in my previous post, there’s nothing wrong with only wanting to travel with your family, but there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to travel on your own.

Why Every Mom Should Travel Alone, At Least Once

As you may know, I recently ventured out on a trip to Europe on my own.

Naturally, I first felt some major anxiety and guilt over this trip but once the airplane took off, it felt like a weight was suddenly lifted from my shoulders.

Although, there were some tears at the airport, I got a very happy call from home before I even boarded the plane.

I think that traveling alone literally gives Mom’s permission to simply just relax (in the true form of the word). When I buckled my seatbelt, I realised that I didn’t have to check if the person sitting next to me had buckled theirs.

I was on my own and I didn’t need to look after no one else’s needs but my own.


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When I’m at home, I have to make a concerted effort to make time for myself but when I travelled alone, I could suddenly just do as I pleased. I could finish a plate of food without any interruption. I could pee in peace. I could carry just a few things in my handbag. No wet wipes and snacks. Just my things.

It’s these simple things in life that I think everyone deserves, especially all the hard-working Mom’s out there.

Travelling without the kids also meant that I got to go on a few adventures, I got to see new things through my own eyes. It was the kind of freedom that I haven’t felt in a while.

And the best part – once I got home, I got to tell Alyssa and Aidan about all of these adventures!

I Filled My Cup

Before I left for the trip, I felt exhausted. With the day-to-day routine of home, work, just life in general.

So the best thing out of this experience is that I got to press reset.

After day 10 of my trip, I honestly had this sense of renewal.

While the first thought of separation from my kids seemed super scary in the beginning, it wasn’t bad at all. We spoke every day. They were excited to hear and see what I was doing. While I still had this comfort, I was refuelling and ready to reset.

What I can also tell you is that there is absolutely no better feeling than that first hug and kiss from your kids when you reunite at the airport. It was the best feeling ever.

So I would definitely recommend every Mom do this at least once.  You will get the chance to reconnect with yourself and who you were before you had kids and gain some clarity on your life.

You will come home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this crazy thing called Motherhood with a fresh mindset.





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