Six Self Care Tips While Staying At Home

Self care tips

Staying at home is taking it’s toll on many people all over the globe. It’s been more than 5 weeks that I’ve been inside my four walls and some days are tougher than others.

With that in mind, I thought I would share my best self-care tips for staying home because there’s no better time to invest in yourself and boost your mood! 

Self Care Tips While Staying At Home

1. Read A Good Book

While there’s no way of actually going out and buying new paper books, why not see what’s available electronically. Better yet, why not grab that book that’s gathering dust on your bookshelf for years that you’ve completely forgotten about. You can also try reading something different that you wouldn’t ordinarily pick.

I finished reading Drew Barrymore’s “Wildflower” not too long ago. It’s a collection of short stories from moments that have impacted her life. I loved this because i didn’t need to rush through to get to the next chapter. Each chapter was a brand new story!


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2. Pamper Yourself

Treat your body to a long bath. Add a bath bomb or your favourite essential oil and light a candle and just relax!

Or give yourself a pedicure or a hair treatment.

There’s no rush, so take your time!

3. Stay Connected With Your Friends

Plan your week and set up Catch up video calls with your nearest and dearest. I had an awesome hour catch up with a friend this weekend while we both sipped on our gins. My mood was instantly lifted and I can’t wait for the next one!

4. Make Notes

Not everyone enjoys writing or journaling, but during this crazy time it’s a good way to track positive habits. Make a point to write down things that have boosted your mood during this time and then also things that make you feel bad/sad or angry.

By tracking positive habits it can have an enormous impact on working towards your own happiness and health.

5. Workout as often as you can

Make an effort to work out every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes  a day.

There are absolutely so many resources online at the moment – you are really spoiled for choice. If you have kids, get them moving as well. We have so much fun working out together as a family – we even put a video together!

6. Create A Playlist

During this mad time, music is an awesome form of escapism.  I have created a few playlists to keep me going as I find music such good food for the soul.  I’ve made a playlist for the kids while they’re doing school work, for workouts, for that extra long bath and for cooking.

We have no choice but to hang in there. So lets make the most of it. This too shall pass.

Stay home and stay safe.



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