A Few Reasons Why A Puppy Makes Your Life More Awesome


I’ve been a puppy loving human  ever since I can remember. In fact, I don’t ever remember not having a dog!

Last year we said goodbye to my beloved Tony Vienna, after 16 amazing years. He was like my and Kurt’s first child. We were completely heartbroken when he passed away. Our other dog Trevor was also so sad and lonely and still misses Tony so much.

At first, I was hesitant to get another pup as it was just so hard saying goodbye to Tony but after the kids were basically begging us for another dog, we couldn’t resist. Enter Cody!

We have Cody for 6 weeks now and he has brought so much Joy into our home!

A Few Reasons Why A Puppy Makes Your Life More Awesome

A Mood Booster

If there’s one thing a cute puppy can do…..it can certainly make you smile. Even if you just see a picture of one! Cody has certainly lifted the mood in our household, we really can’t get enough of his cuteness. Even when he’s asleep, we can’t help but ooh and aah from his adorableness. He brings lots of laughs and smiles too.

Health Benefits

There have been a number of studies which prove that dogs can improve your health! How? Well, they can definitely lower your stress levels which is also good for your heart. They also keep you active! It’s also proven that when we interact with dogs, “feel good” hormones such as serotonin are released. It’s proof that pups definitely make us happier and healthier.


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Help with Allergies

 Although pets can be a trigger for people with allergies, growing up in a home with a dog makes kids significantly less likely to develop allergies as adults.

Teaches valuable lessons

One of the important life skills we learn when owning a pet is responsibility. Puppies require food, water and love. They require exercise and lots of attention. The kids take their responsibilities very seriously when it comes to taking care of our new puppy.

Aidan makes sure he cleans Cody’s food bowl’s and he does such a good job of it.


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Puppies ease isolation

We now know that this is so true!

Cody is making it really easy on us to stay at home during this pandemic. I’m sure for those who live on their own, a puppy will definitely keep you good company and keep you busy enough.

Keeps you active

As much as they love to sleep, puppies love to exercise and have fun with their toys. They will certainly keep you on your toes too, the older they get.


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They bring Joy!

Last but not least, a puppy will no doubt bring you absolute Joy day in and day out. When you have the worst possible day ever and walk in your front door, your furry friend will be the first to get you in a good mood again! I can vouch for that.

So if you’re thinking of getting a puppy, then these are a few very good reasons why you should start looking for one right now!




  1. Ilse naidoo June 19, 2020

    Morning, my daughter Jasmin,(10) really wants a puppy for the longest time now, and I’m soooo scared of dogs actually animals. I freeze and start sweating uncontrollably..
    And I feel so bad that my fears are overtaking what Will bring joy to my kids.
    She said that the puppy she wants, does not grow bigger than usual..
    Hopefully I Will overcome my fears.
    Thank You for a great and eye opening read.
    Kind regards

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